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Apollo Robbins on Use It or Lose It | Brain Games

Apollo Robbins on Use It or Lose It | Brain Games

Apollo Robbins shows off a new brain teaser that might just earn you a free drink.
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Apollo Robbins on Use It or Lose It | Brain Games

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  1. By the time you realize that you've GONE down a dead end, not WENT.

  2. And what really a "deception specialist" actually does??? Or he has some other day-job.

  3. I could listen to this guy talk forever… need more content of Apollo

  4. Pyramid?! Triggered

    That’s a TETRAHEDRON!!

  5. Very good. Simple and yet surprising little trick.

  6. Epic, thanks for sharing info & games!

  7. You could have also used a match to fuse the new straw to the top of the original 3 to create a single object

  8. scamschool vs Apollo Robbins…

  9. That was an easy trick.. damn i thinked all the time to pull that shit with the shity stick..

  10. this made me wanna play skyrim and raise my Sneak… ._.

  11. @wlacey @ShookOnesTO It's all a matter of opinion. I also think wlacey meant more like fashion trend, not just something made in a certain era. Jeans and T-Shirt aren't and were never really a fashion "trend", but that doesn't change your opinion on Apollo's hat. And when it all comes down to it… yes, he is sexy, wlacey! 🙂

  12. this guy is mind fuck i just got brain washed

  13. I think its pretty damn sexy. I guess you've never worn something that came from other era's fashions?

  14. He has tricks hidden in that hat! Lol

  15. damn chiggers thumbnail is giving me the willies

  16. awesome for kid, like me…. loved it.

  17. لا ما راح يقولون 🙂

  18. He look's like a mobster "capisci"

  19. ان شاء الله ربعنا ما يشوفون هالمقطع ويقولون سحر ويفشلونا….. لوووووووووول

  20. People with cunty names have to wear cunty hats, it's an unwritten law…

  21. He cheated. LOL. Do it while keeping the straws in the original position

  22. Hate that guys face nice trick though

  23. Please don't go to McDonalds.

  24. not gna work..all ur gonna hear is silence

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