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Apple AirPods: Review

Apple AirPods: Review

Apple AirPods review

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  1. Yalls reviews are just broken records

  2. Bruh wth i still dont know how long to charge them in the box

  3. I hope those earpods don't explodes

  4. Wtf your high in this video…

  5. I don' t like it. The headphone seem a " moncone".

  6. They don't work with Samsung Galaxy S8+

  7. I don't own these, and I've already lost them.

  8. "Sound quality" is silly and subjective. We listen to 320kbps audio at best and any earphones $20 or more are equally equipped to produce that audio accurately.

  9. You've just earned a sub

  10. Do these work with other iPhones 📱? For example, iPhone 📱 6+? MacBook 💻? iPad?

  11. They should honestly cuff around the hear like Bose Sound Sport. Idc if it doesn't look nearly as good. Earbuds already fall out of my ears enough.

  12. Overrated……Once you drop them and loose them, what a waste of money.

  13. What is the first background music?

  14. It looks as if someone cut off one of the wires to an earbuds

  15. it takes forever to load

  16. theyre actually really good for listening to white noise or asmr when you go to sleep

  17. While using it outdoor does the wind noise interfere while talking and makes it difficult for the receiver to hear ?

  18. can airpod use on iphone 5s??

  19. People would want something like this? Who buys a phone without a headphone jack? Bluetooth lost all credibility with those ear piece things. Nobody should ever take them seriously after that.

  20. Dont use while jogging they fill fall and u will tread over it

  21. In other words, their sound quality is ass, they make you look gay af, and are incredibly over priced. Ok apple…

  22. I legit just gave the 4,000th like

  23. No thanks. My current Apple ear buds don't fit and fall out. I don't want to be crawling around on the floor of an airliner hunting for an AirPod.

  24. then y did u buy them talking about they look werid

  25. You might as well get these that you won't loose https://www.ebay.com/itm/262799442768

  26. This is bullshit Its Just normal EarPods But wireless!! WHY DO YOU ASK SO MUCH MONEY?! 😓🔫

  27. Pleas test app

    Finder for Airpods – find your lost Airpods by Deucks Pty Ltd


  28. I'm using mine right now and I'm in love

  29. I can't wait to get my AirPods the 17th

  30. I rather go with the beat by dre powerbeats 2

  31. If you want another opinion, check out my Airpod review to see if you want to get them!

  32. Don't think your option is valid

  33. I sometimes remember the days when people use to comment "shut up and take my money" when apple released something new

  34. I just returned my AirPods… Absolutely NEVER stay in my ears and the connection is TERRIBLE!!!

  35. that's rather me that invented the ipad , apple watch and iphone; it's me that got the first in this world the idea of all that;
    as clever belgian guy , been exploited by belgian governement and usa governement and apple and so on, by the way, my rol were to give and produce idea and their rol were to produce those ideas i was developping when been spied in my privacy ;
    apple corruption and violation of my privacy !!

  36. Looks ridiculous on women.

  37. so you drop them on the floor…. cause they are fiddly to put away I wouldn't put that in ears after thanks , $160 dollars lol for that you can get like 10-15 jvc earplugs that do the job and if your drop those at least they are cheap to just throw away.

  38. 160$😲 not worth my money

  39. Any reviews on answering a call with these?

  40. no way these should be 160 bucks

  41. What is "that much better"? What is "a little more" ?

  42. even with apples jacked up prices these should be no more than $99

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