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Apple announces the new Mac Pro and all the other things

Apple announces the new Mac Pro and all the other things

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  1. And all the other things????

  2. What exactly is the MPX module in the new Mac Pro that Apple announced this time?

    And another MPX column, which three letters M, P, X respectively, refers to which initial abbreviation?

  3. Apple doesnt intend to sell this, just create buzz.

  4. It will lose value once you take it out of the driveway.

  5. Well damn son cant afford that

  6. 999.99 for a monitor stand LMAO you apple idiots will buy anything haha

  7. It doesn't take an $11,000 computer to run Pro Tools or Final Cut, even at high resolutions. You must have to be REALLY Pro for one of these, esp to justify the return on investment.

  8. RIP Apple. 6k for a desktop….smoking crack.

  9. Why hate the cheese grater?

  10. Apple has built up a mountain of 8 hundred billion $ in off shore accounts, now I know why.




    Drop a like for Steve jobs

  12. Apple should be selling cars by now. This company is slooooowly dying

  13. Wht does the tower look like a cheese grater?

  14. *Extreme Dynamic Range

  15. Android user are always talking about Apple. Apple users think Androids are from Star Wars.

  16. You suckers are going to plop down $1K for that stand, don't deny it. You love everything apple. They could take turds from Steve hand Jobs and bronze with that apple symbol and you'd buy it all day long.

  17. Mountion dew is the best soda ever made!!!!

  18. Those Anti-Trust investigations are looking pretty good! Nothing can stop what is coming.

  19. Apple is for suckers.

  20. I grate my cheese with that shit

  21. I dont understand how anyone pays more for garbage that's still trying to catch up with everyone else

  22. Looks like a cheese grater.

  23. It's official: Apple has priced me out. Currently, I game on my PC and edit on my Apple, but it looks like my next editing rig will be PC. Oh, well.

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