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Apple HomePod First Look

Apple HomePod First Look

Apple’s HomePod will arrive in just a few weeks, and we just spent an hour listening to what it’s capable of.

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  1. How do I get HomePod Siri to play my subscribed Podcasts?  I've not been successful.  So far it selects some unknown Podcast in some strange foreign language, that I’ve never subscribed to, and isn’t in my iTunes. 

    And how do I get HomePod to play the ripped (CD collection) music that I have on my iMac iTunes?  

    I can stream my song collection via iTunes Airplay, but Siri won't allow me to pick specific songs.  I want to be able to pick and choose the songs inside my iTunes collection.  Can HomePod do this? 

    I don't want to subscribe to Apple Music, since all songs that I want to listen to is, is already in  my iMac, iTunes songs. So far, the only music HomePod will play are four the songs that I purchased on iTunes. 


  2. Why would they make this

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
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    This is how it could word:
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    -Different color of your nick in the chat
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  4. Apple's new product the Apple trash can because it looks just like one

  5. Apple is sloppy. I still have basic questions about HomePod before I buy it. Still don’t know if I’m making best use of 4K Apple TV. It is over a hundred miles to the nearest Apple store. I loved Apple now, I love hate it. Everything lately is nothing but a bite of confusion. The walking back and forth across a stage has gone stale because its stale who’s doing it.

  6. How much apple pay u to say all this??

  7. in short, it sucks as a smart speaker but does a great job as a speaker!

  8. HomePod and any other “smart” speaker = impractical

  9. Me:"Hey! Alexa Why Did Apple Try To Copy You With The Home Pod" Alexa: Ding "And That Is A very Obvious Question, 'Its Apple They cant Come up With new ideas".

  10. Can you change the privacy settings on individual devices? Example: Allow homepod to read my messages at home but not a homepod at work.

  11. Apple benn taking ideas forever! This is JUST ALEXA, I swear i hate apple dickriders, they just follow trends and dnot even kno any analytics!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just more expensive!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi, is it possible to connect more than 1 device? Thx

  13. Just few points that everyone seems missing (on purpose?):

    – Apple Music is an Apple app, Spotify et al are different companies, Apple can't program their apps. Wait until the system opens to developers next summer to see other companies integrations, for now, as with Apple's first hardware iterations, it's a closed system to educate users and see what trends/usages pick up.

    – The system is mostly for Apple centric users, especially those who care about privacy, as HomePod can be used completely offline while still controlling all HomeKit devices (offline) and being controlled locally by any iOS device.
    You seem to seriously underestimate how many people refuse Google Home/Alexa because of this concern.

    – Siri is behind the competitors in what exactly? "Discussion" skills? How many people spend their days conversing with their assistants about the height of the wife of the president of some unknown country? … Digital Assistant is here mainly to do main tasks like starting/closing apps, interacting with apps (Siri has fewer domains open to the public contrary to Alexa skills, but at least they're user friendly and localized in 50 languages), setting calendar events, sending/reading messages, etc … And all of these, Siri does them perfectly (even better that Google Assistant when taking the usage "context" like using hands free/screenless or looking at the screen)

  14. want to sell my organs for afford this

  15. Another advert.
    He said absolutely fantastic just like Tim Cook.

  16. Thanks for a great video! Love !

  17. No one can ever give examples on how Siri is so much worse than Alexa. I have both and they both seem to suck equally beyond the simplest of things.

  18. I bet my car has a better sound

  19. What about Google Home Max?

  20. Alexa is awful, Siri is by far a superior assistant. But the main point is the speaker, this thing is quality!

  21. Is it better than the Google Home Max?

  22. Didn't talk about google home max…

  23. I wonder when Apple will actually make a unique product instead of just stealing ideas from other companies

  24. Yes Apple Made another trash can but this Time it makes noise

    F*CK give me the gun

  25. It was only a matter of time until Apple jumped on the whole smart speaker thing…

    But seriously…
    NO SPOTIFY????????

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