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Apple iPad (2019) review

Apple iPad (2019) review

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  1. I mean isn’t the logitech keyboard supported too? That’s the one I use on my air… this guy rly hates the new ipad lol it’s the cheapest ipad!!!

  2. Do you realize that you have 10,000+ unread emails?

  3. I'm looking for an iPad to do some light work. I never had one. Can someone tell me if the iWorks apps are free? The Microsoft Office needs a monthly subscription.

  4. Not gonna lie, I’d get the Air for classes but since I wouldn’t be paying for it I’d just be fine with this and the pencil or the keyboard (on sale) lol.

  5. Many places are reporting that this has 3 GB of RAM, as opposed to the 2 GB in the previous model running the same A10 chip.

  6. It’s really a shame android tablets just aren’t that great. Competition is always good for the consumer. Apple basically has a monopoly on the pure tablet market.

  7. If this iPad was worth $1000, you'd have better things to say about it. Somehow the $300 price changed your opinion on the 2019 iPad. You guys always complain that Apple prices are high then when they give you a good priced product, you start crapping on it.

  8. i’ve watched a few of these in anticipation of mine coming in the mail and this one is the one that provided me with the most information and entertainment combined. perfect. thank you

  9. i think the 2018 model is more priceworth than this

  10. 6:12 To do list : sleep forever lmao

  11. The black bars on wide screen content is a pain in the butt on iPad such a waste of screen

  12. great review! I love iPad Mini 5. Most affordable power & great size for reasonable thumb typing. 🙂

  13. 10,336 unread e-mails, time to check it.

  14. What about an iPad 4? Is it still a solid upgrade 🤔😂

  15. Is iPadOS still buggy? Is it safe to update?

  16. The problem with the reviewers is that they have never worked a day in office, nor have they probably been to school. Most of these are for note taking by students. All they mention is of 1080pbor some crap, Oled, led, video editing and stuffs. 1 percent of population gives a damn about that and they are all tech reviewers.

  17. The reason they put the bigger screen is to sell more keyboards. It has the same frame size as my air 2019. This means that it uses exactly the same keyboard. And after spending another $250 for the pencil and the keyboard, it’s not cheap anymore. Believe me.

  18. I'm confused… people still use tablets?

  19. Savage review ,apple is shit

  20. Engadget a month late to the news as usual 🤦‍♂️

  21. I don’t know why reviewers are moaning so much about the memory. You shouldn’t be taking photos with it, so you won’t have that taking up a lot of space. Streaming music and tv/movies again. Games are the only thing that will take up a ton of memory, but if you are buying a gaming device, a switch light is over $100 cheaper and plays more and better games in a better form factor. For typing documents, showing powerpoints, sketching, storyboarding/concepting or note taking this is great!

  22. Thought apple launched new devices again😭😭😭

  23. The a10 still has good performance, u can’t say that about old Android chips. 😏

  24. Wait. Has iPadOS quietly given all of the same features to iPads and iPad Pros? Exact same UI? Only spec differences?

  25. The bezels of the ipad pro makes all other ipads look super outdated.
    Performance and features don’t matter much for those who use it mostly as a media consumption + fb screen.

  26. Tbh I don't really see the use for tablets… When you want to professionally draw, you'll get urself a drawing tablet. You can do work stuff on phones pretty good as well, however a laptop would be best for that on the go. Meh…

  27. 5th comment,
    If only I was as punctual in making some cash

  28. All of this reviews, and I'm still broke af to buy one 🙁

  29. 2:39.. isn’t it A10 fusion, not Bionic ?

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