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Apple killed off the 12-inch MacBook

Apple killed off the 12-inch MacBook

Say goodbye to the petite laptop.

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  1. Yeah with the iPad Pro and MacBook Air retina, no reason to have the 12inch MacBook

  2. I just sold a MacBook 12 in to a person on eBay. Oof

  3. it was the beginning of Apple's worst decision

  4. Touchbar is sooooooo useless

  5. I bought one yesterday for £799!…I think it's brilliant. I'll use the iMac for heavy lifting. But this is a lovely machine.

  6. People complaining about the price obviously forgot or never knew that the price of the first MacBook Air was $1799 back in 2008 with its 80GB non-SSD hard drive. Apple products being expensive is nothing new.

  7. Overpriced, underpowered, with a noisy keyboard. I like many apple products, but not this one.

  8. Good. It was a disgrace to it's 2001 white iBook G3 master.

  9. Why is it sad??? It wasn’t any good!

  10. But the Air still has Bluetooth 4.2

  11. What's this beat?

  12. It’s about time. It had absolutely no power and apple shouldn’t have created it in the first place. I love apple but it wasn’t needed.

  13. Lol the 12 inch MacBook was useless all they need was the Air and Pro that’s it

  14. I'm watching this video on my MacBook 12inch in space gray

  15. Personally I think the 12 inch MacBook was one of Johnny Ives biggest mistakes

  16. 2018iPad with iOS 13 > any non-Pro MacBook anyway…. Give me touchscreen over touchbar any day.

    Give me two usb c ports on the 2019 iPad Pro…make it happen Tim

  17. rip laptops, iPad is KING now

  18. YaY, that confusing product in Apple's mobile line up is gone. I had no idea why it still existed. On a side note Engadget has a cute presenter now. This is a good thing and I will keep watching their videos. Because, they're well written of course. 😉

  19. Apple's soul been dead for years

  20. Mac users are such suckers.

    Btw what song was that?

  21. This Macbook's form factor was doomed from the start. The entire PCB/internals were about the size of a regular iPhone 8, but they never saw major upgrades throughout their entire run. Minor spec bumps aside, the machine's weren't built to last; with first-gen butterfly switches, and a pricepoint much higher than previous Macbook models, it was a tough sell from its re-introduction.
    Look at it as a beta-test product: for Apple to gain experience using mobile components for laptops, test flight their new keyboard design, and introduce USB-C to the Mac.

  22. The only Macintosh I have ever owned was a Powerbook G4 12", and after it died six years ago, I haven't had another Apple product. While I like MacOS X, I think their hardware is seriously overpriced.

  23. I like Mac users. There so cute looking all smart.

  24. You need to be pretty stupid to buy or to have ever bought an apple product.
    Now with their big move to China, they are absolutely worthless.
    Maybe Trump should place heavy tariff's on apple products. 25% to start then 10% each month until 125% is reached.

  25. The background music was low key 🔥

  26. ModBook: 2-in-1 laptop with detachable iPhone-connected multitouch display that Apple must develop.

  27. I wish that Apple must develop a 2-in-1 laptop with detachable iPhone-connected multi-touch display called "ModBook".

  28. 2019 must be the end of MacBook family.

  29. Apple must kill off the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro productions.

  30. Apple must develop iPhone-connected "ModBook" with detachable multitiouch display like Surface Book.

  31. So basically if you bought the 13 inch a few days earlier you would have been given a hefty $600 tax for the now base model i5. Lol that is kinda….

  32. Why does it look like she’s explaining to me why she won’t go out with me whenever she says anything

  33. According to my friend the TouchBar actually slows him down more so than help contribute to his productivity.

    Given the dreaded butterfly keyboard, I'm glad I bought the 2017 MBA. I have an apoke watch S4 anyway so touchid is useless to me.

  34. It's okay ladies I still got the 12-inch right here 😁😁😁

  35. Watching on my 17" MacBook Pro! Still runs great

  36. It makes sense, the macbook air looks so much like the MacBook now that most people won't understand paying an extra $100 for what may have been slightly smaller was very slow and overheated constantly, like apples new iPhone chips where faster then it. It might have been small, but it was basically just an iPad with a key board that couldn't iOS apps but was also to slow to run any Mac OS apps.

  37. Its all x factor isnt COMPUTORS becoming obsolescence like cell phone….

  38. Looks like Tim Cook doesn’t like 12 inches 😉

  39. I never understood the business model behind this MacBook. And it was clearly a racket.

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