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Apple TV 4K review

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  1. you are forgetting dolby atmos

  2. So would this Apple Tv 4k upscale my shows on sling Tv ? I don't buy or rent movies on iTunes so that means nothing to me. I don't have a Vudu account and don't want one. So can I still get any benefit out of an Apple Tv 4k ? If I got apple Tv can I use my universal remote instead of the apple tv remote ?

  3. how about connecting ur laptop to ur tv and use wireless keyboard and mouse? u can play games, watch videos with no restrictions for 4k hdr, blueray, athmos and so on. why would u need this?

  4. Slow down man – you talk way too fast. A little less caffeine would make you much easier to understand. Would have liked to see more of the interface in your review – not just a whole lot of clips of King Kong and Baby Driver. I can watch their trailers for that. Disappointing review.

  5. Just got this for free via Directv now.

  6. For me it’s all about AirPlay

  7. I dont understand the need for this. Your Iphone in itself is an Apple TV. You can stream youtube, netflix, spotify and so on to all 4K Tv's today with ease. SO why would u need this?

  8. The old Apple TV comes with the new remote as well now

  9. Will this Apple TV work if your tv isn’t hdr compatible mine is just 4k not hdr ?

  10. I noticed about 30 of my itunes films have been updgraded to 4k , that alone makes this worth the money , no 4k youtube does kinda suck tho

  11. I'd like to hear the fan in the bottom. Is it having stable RPM or I will hear fffffff during gaming Real Racing 3?

  12. Can it play my 4K 60 FPS I recorded with my iPhone 8 plus in via iCloud in the photos app on the Apple TV or airplay on the Apple TV

  13. It may not have YT in 4k, but neither does my Vizio TV nor my Xbox One S. So, why is Apple getting roasted over this? I'm disappointed that the Xbox One S is missing YT 4k… Maybe this is Google 's fault?

  14. HD = 1080 P 4K 2160 P not 4 Times more pixels

  15. Does it support WPA2-Enterprise?

  16. Whats the name of the movie that showing a red Subaru?

  17. Don't forget that every device hooked up to your 4K TV needs to support 4K, from your receiver to your HDMI cables.

  18. The Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Weinstein co. doesnt support hdr titles to annoying for movies only Marvel's Spider man homecoming to support hdr but not disney

  19. No 4K on YouTube, no USB-C Port to fix a f****d up installation. They want you to contact the support and I don’t think, they will just reset the Apple TV for you, if it hasn’t completely stopped working. And: If your warranty has reached its end, your Apple TV WILL stop working and there is nothing you can do about it.

  20. Sony X900E with apple 4k tv. Goergous

  21. Overglorified streaming Box.. i can mimic this bzllshit usibg 30€ china hardware

  22. I’m hoping this box will support Dolby atoms eventually as well.

  23. Just ordered the new Amazon Fire that came out yesterday. $70.

  24. no atoms, no usb , no kodi ,  very limited third party apps, ya lets pay 300$ for that , where all that in shield tv 2 pro.

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