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Ariana Grande Reacts To Pete Davidson Mocking Their Engagement Again | Hollywoodlife

Ariana Grande reacts to Pete Davidson making another joke on SNL about their failed engagement. Plus – Star Wars actor Mark Hamilll takes on ‘Thank U, Next’ and it’s hilarious. #ArianaGrande #Breathin #ThankUNext

Okay, even if Ariana Grande wrote an entire song about being grateful for her past relationships, that doesn’t mean she has to be entirely cool with her breakup yet! Ariana got right to the point and shared some important advice for those looking to get engaged: hard pass. It’s been less than one month since Ariana and Pete Davidson ended their engagement, and Ariana’s clearly not that into hearing about marriage at the moment. So when The Zoe Report posted a new article on their Instagram account, titled ““13 tips and tricks for finding the perfect engagement ring (including the popular metal you should actually avoid),” she simply commented her own tip — “don’t.”

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Ariana Grande Reacts To Pete Davidson Mocking Their Engagement Again | Hollywoodlife


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  1. What is Ari's best impression?

  2. Ariana Grande is a little slut and this woman talking is obnoxious.

  3. HOLY FUCK!!! Ali Stagnitta has the most annoying voice I've ever heard. Imagine what it would be like to hear her sing.

  4. fucking popculture,,,
    someone giv cancer to these cockmuching selfcentered cunts

  5. Ari's Aussie accent was crap

    coming from an aussie

  6. god that voice is so annoying

  7. that sounds more like a new zealand accent


  9. Pete looks like a awkward rat on cocaine . Did he really think this would work??

  10. She is so beautiful she is painful to even look at.

  11. Ariana Grande loved a dopehead lmao

  12. Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh?

  13. This Ali is actually attractive!

  14. Why is ur voice so loud and trying to sound like too much y'know

  15. She needs to get over herself.

  16. Sorry the aussie one is actually trash

  17. I wish this diva died instead of Mac 🙁

    Such a better trade.

  18. This chick’s voice. Aaaaastggggghhh!

  19. I'm so tired of hearing about Ariana Grande. Go away. She's immature and she dresses like a twelve year old. Mac Miller sucked.

  20. So full of shit she had to sign off on the licensing for her song to be played on SNL what kind of nitwit researches your info?

  21. Didn’t really seem like Pete was mocking it at all.

  22. This lady is very VERY loud… I LOVE IT!

  23. That's what happens when you're just like justin bieber lol karma is a bitch aint it?

  24. OMG that voice pitch in the intro tho. RIP my ears

  25. Mocking? Learn what words mean before you pretend to be a reporter.

  26. I think he's dealing with it in his own way just like her.

  27. you think BB-8 has a twitter? 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. If Mac Miller was so important to her why did she dumb him? Ariana grande is a dumb bitch.

  29. tbh no one in the fucking world gives a fuck about this shitty drama.

  30. She sings about him and he jokes about her, anyone see this coming? Hilarious!

  31. Why are you wearing a couch cover?

  32. OMG why would they let this girl deliver the story her voice is worse then nails on a chalkboard… Yikes

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