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Ariana Grande Slammed By Beyonce Fans Over Coachella Performance Pay Disparity

Ariana Grande Slammed By Beyonce Fans Over Coachella Performance Pay Disparity

Ariana Grande is slammed for reportedly making more than Beyonce at Coachella. Britney Spears team revealed they feared she would die. Plus – Ari shares the dark side of touring with her fans.
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When Beyonce, 37, released her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, on April 17, the Internet fell in love with “Beychella” over again. The doc – and subsequent live album – detailed the work that went into her 2018 Coachella performance, one that celebrated the historically black college and university (HBCU) experience. To say that fans went wild over it would be an understatement, as the Internet seemed like it was going to break from all the praise fans were giving Beyonce. Yet, amid all the buzzing by the Beyhive, some detractors argued that while Beyonce was good, she wasn’t as good as….Chris Brown. “Until the day Beyonce does this on stage never in your life compare her to Breezy,” a Twitter user said while sharing a video of Chris…doing a flip.

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Chris Brown & Beyonce Fans At War Over Who’s The Better Performer After Her Coachella Doc Airs

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Ariana Grande Attacked By Beyonce Fans Over Coachella Performance Pay Disparity


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  1. People need to stop fighting over Beyoncé’s pay like its their money not being payed . B is good lol So is Ari . Stop trying to make up headlines …

  2. Ariana sit ur little pueawny ass down

  3. Raven I went through the same thing with my 2 year old in Jan… Traveling from Cali to Arkansas smh HORRIBLE

  4. People fighting over amounts money that they will probably never see in their lives

  5. Ariana is the new thing with new material. Beyoncé is the same old material with the same old hoodoo animalistic vibe that is uncivilized in nature and off putting to mainstream America. Her talent is diminishing and Ariana is a rising star. Ari was on tour so she couldn’t put the time in for a big presentation and Bey was just sitting around the house. She had time to prepare something and people are saying she put more into it. Bey has nothing but time but Ariana is in huge demand all over the world. If you want whose hotter, you have to pay!

  6. Ariana Grande is a Queen. PISS OFF

  7. Sorry but Ariana is a bigger artist now with more hits that conquer the airwaves! Eat that, Beyoncetards!

  8. Because ari and nicki are like sisters i lover her as much as nicki

  9. Wth let Ariana have her time Beyonce probs gone retire in about 10/15 years anyways, not everything last forever just enjoy the ride and mind your business especially when it comes to they're finance's

  10. 8 MILLION DOLLERS wtf… money is dumb… that's insane….


  12. Ari is way better than Beyonce, so yes. I agree that she was paid more. Beyonce is old now with children. She doesn't relate to the youth anymore.

  13. Honestly, I don’t think either of them care how much money they made. They’re both worth millions. Beyoncé just made 60 million on a 2 hour documentary. I don’t think either of them fucking care.. Idk why people (who aren’t the artists themselves) care how much they make. I know damn well these people have better things to worry about then how much each of them made.

  14. Beyonce was very clever she always knows how to keep her crown , instead we all slept talking about beychella more than coachella ,

  15. Slammed? Smh we love Ari, they were paid the same

  16. Okay now Beyonce' was a big deal so stop the nonsense about she being the greatest🖤

  17. If this was the case, ari deserves it.I think that both are on the same scale of "relevance". They both are queens and it's okay for somebody to like one more than the other.

  18. The way he said Ozuna I started laughing.

  19. People are quick to say that the reason that Ariana was paid more at Coachella than Beyoncé was because of white privilege. I love Beyoncé with all my heart but Ariana’s album was and probably still is #1 so it make sense

  20. Omg beyonce fans are so toxic, like chill ur nuts beyonce isn't more special than ari. They are both humans, stop acting like beyonce is god or something. I don't get the beyonce hype, she's a singer with a few good songs that's it, she didn't achieve world peace or find a cure for cancer gosh.

  21. Sorry but, Ari is better than beyonce in every single thing.
    and Everybodys know that.
    Taylor, Adele, Beyonce, Pink …?
    Ari is only one QUEEN

  22. This guy has a really nice voice

  23. Hey but I love ariana better than Beyonce I dont rly listen to her

  24. I c not a single fact only that Beyonce is jealous GET TO THE FACTS!

  25. Stop modeling clone look alikes not going from authentic to fake clone

  26. People are sad mother fuckers and trash as fuck u slam ariana grande for nothing u know tha beyonce has the whole net worth of many other celebs like have a little respect for a woman who has been thru a lot of shit 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  27. Arichella is the worst Coachella in history, while Beychella is the coolest Coachella in history. This is important.

  28. Why is Arianna's head so damn big? That bitch looks like an apple on a stick..

  29. What is really here to talk about

  30. Beyoncé is a Queen I don’t care what anyone said, but Ari shouldn’t be slammed bc they both did good 👍🏾

  31. i hope britneys okay tho….. like no ones talking about it but that seems really serious.

  32. Beyonces still doing great anyways, what's the big problem

  33. She is just Ariana Grande not Pete Davidson’s ex Ariana Grande.

  34. but even without coachella bey still gets more money?

  35. Team ARI whos with me all the way

  36. because Ariana Grande is THAT bitch!!! Queen!!!!! 👑💙😍

  37. The first dude, idk his name someone tell me he looked a little like a Latin version of Chris brown in that video they took of him .

  38. Not gonna lie but I’m a fan of Ari but…. Beyoncé is queen an I kno that 😌

  39. You mean they pay Ariana grande the same thing they pay queen bee really white privilege at its finest

  40. Both of them are rich. It doesn't really matter. It won't do anything to their bank account regardless XD

  41. Fewer years of relevance?! Ugh, she more relevant then anyone who said that.

    I liked both of their performances tho, Ariana is my favorite singer put I even liked Beyoncé’s performance better, but I wouldn’t say something like that about some over money, and I’m wouldn’t argue their money and the first place, I’m not getting any😒

  42. Why is Beyonce get so much hype I don’t even know what songs from her make her have so much hype and her lemonade album isn’t even available for everyone 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  43. Why don’t you people just leave this woman alone?

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