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Ariana Grande Tries Fixing 7 Rings Tattoo & Makes It Worse | Hollywoodlife

Ariana Grande Tries Fixing 7 Rings Tattoo & Makes It Worse  | Hollywoodlife

Ariana Grande tries to fix her misspelled tattoo. Pete Davidson reveals it’s fair game to joke about Ari. Plus – Michael Rapaport slams Ari and Pete in a shocking new interview. #ArianaGrande #PeteDavidson

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Ariana Grande recently debuted a new palm tattoo, but it didn’t get the reaction she probably hoped for! The ink was meant to read the title of Ari’s newest song, “7 Rings,” in Japanese, but people quickly pointed out that the message actually translated to “shichirin.” A shichirin is a actually “small charcoal grill” or small “BB grill.” It didn’t take long for fans to start trolling Ariana for the tat, and she eventually tweeted (and deleted) a cheeky response of her own. “Also…huge fan of tiny bbq grills,” she wrote.

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  1. Do you like Ari’s new tat?

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  2. Pete be ugly as shit looking like raw salmon

  3. Reason why you shouldn’t get a tattoo on languages you don’t know

  4. Haha I thought she said she was a fan of bbq spots?

  5. Not talking about the tat talking about the music video

  6. 1:24 what did she say i couldnt get it! all i heard was she might have written……..we will know on february 8th

  7. Please before you get a tattoo in another language make sure it’s actually spelled right. And if you cannot take pain in sensitive parts and areas don’t go through with it unless you have pain relief options.

  8. Even if u read it down, it’s still kinda wrong because it’s in wrong order technically. in Japanese we would read from right to left so it would end up reading like 輪❤️七指. Which is wheel seven fingers

  9. What tha hell why they hateing tha fuck people need to just fuck off and why just why you trying to take the video down there is no point

  10. Y’all Ali is officially my new best friend

  11. Only real ari fans know that Ariana is only 25

  12. I mean I want a tattoo but nothing that says barbecue finger

  13. Ay why is everyone coming at Ari just because she is so talented ppl think that everything is there's. Grow up ppl

  14. Don’t get a tattoo in another language! It just doesn’t work

  15. Suscribe me to get a subb back!!

  16. God I hate this host. To belittle an artist who had an original thought because some gross “celebrity” is more famous and stole/exploited that idea? Ew can’t relate.

  17. Why do you have a thumb nail of Pete Davison’s when the title is about Arianna

  18. The the micheal comedian guy looks like a long nose GRANDPA monkey, ARIANA IS PRETTIER.

    Oh and you dumb looking long nose monkey, get Ariana’s age right, like she ain’t 27 u idiot she’s 25. That era was a long time ago so, before hating get that facts right.

  19. She have no business getting all these tats but she is grown!

  20. Spot bringing Pete to the spotlight

  21. I'm Japanese so I was a bit shocked when I saw her new tattoo 😂 she should've ask some advice from someone who can understand Japanese but it's okay that's kinda cute Ari😊💞

  22. Ok… this whole tatoo thing is getting old already 😒😒

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