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Ariana Grande’s Baby Crib Sparks Pregnancy Rumors | Hollywoodlife

Ariana Grande reveals baby crib in a new Instagram post. Plus – Ari gives a snippet of new music.
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Ariana Grande has had a tough month. She’s still reeling from the Sept. 7 death of her ex Mac Miller following an alleged drug overdose. Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels has confirmed that she was supposed to be the musical guest on the show’s 44th season opener on Sept. 29, but  pulled out due to “emotional reasons.” The 25-year-old is still planning on appearing on SNL, just not in the near future. “She still wants to take time away from the spotlight and get back to a good place. She just has to ride out her emotions a little bit longer before she does anything in particular for a TV appearance or SNL appearance,” a source close to the songbird tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

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Ariana Grande’s Baby Crib Sparks Pregnancy Rumors | Hollywoodlife


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  1. You should post about why don't we 😁

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    Ari has already been pregnant 5000 times this year…

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    😔his life is better than mine

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  18. She'll have a miscarriage

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