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Armed Teachers Coming To A School Near You

Armed Teachers Coming To A School Near You

Armed teachers could become a reality in North Carolina very soon. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UCSnFkX-bCQG8Dyj7LlzICHQ

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  1. My sister is a teacher in North Carolina . I am a retired teacher in Ohio. On a really bad day anywhere I would not want a teacher coming down the hall or headed to the office to meet with an administrator. This the worst of ideas in any state. I have no problem with guns; it's the hot heads carrying them that makes me sick.

  2. Why will any teachers volunteer for this crap?

  3. YO!!! Stupid!! Why not stop letting people with guns walk into schools?
    Amazing how the most obvious solution goes ignored for decades. Secure the school entry, instead of gearing for a gun fight in the school.

  4. I love how this comment section is filled with more trolls than viewers/fans.

  5. They’d be volunteers, they’d be trained. Not every teacher would volunteer but some likely would. Now put yourself in the shoes of a would-be attacker. Would knowing that there are armed persons in the building be a deterrent? Would this make the schools safer?

  6. Pedophiles with guns 😵

  7. So parents wanting guns off the streets to keep their kids safe are alright with them being around gun carrying teachers?

  8. So overworked underpayed depressed teachers that get daily exposure to teenage bullying get to carry firearms in class ..What could possibly go wrong ?

  9. Let's not deal with the root cause. No.

  10. A gun-free zone is a target for terrorists.  Teachers who are trained should be armed.

  11. I have children in the NC school system. I will homeschool if I need to because I don't want them around an even more unsafe situation. I was a teacher and believed in the public school system. I try to because there are a lot of great teachers and staff working their hardest with less each year thanks to people like Devos. NC educational systems had already started crumbling with McCrory, but thankfully we got Cooper in (despite McCrory's hissy fit). Now if we can just get an honest race for the 9th district. I definitely am looking forward to getting to vote again for McCready if redone.

  12. …could you imagine? Most teachers from my younger years were bunches of nerves, instead of kids opening fire on the students, the underpaid, overworked substitute that the kids pushed just a little too far would end up opening fire on the classroom…do people not ever think this shit through first?

  13. yes Ana i liked this video and thanks for asking …now can u ask in the none-porno version 😅

  14. Uhm? Only the teachers? What about "freedom and liberty" for the kids?
    I'd say give them ALL guns.

    Scroll down…

    Gotcha 🙂 SARCASM

  15. The first fatality is going to be a black kid because the teacher felt threatened by her 12 year old student. A trained police officer already used that excuse when she shot a man in the face who was following her instructions.

  16. How long before one of the "resource officers" goes berserk and shoots up the place? Gun nuts fail psychological profiles 99% of the time. It's all about power to them.

  17. Anna needs some round steak

  18. I don't have any evidence to back me up, but I believe that those who agree with this NC bill are either NOT TEACHERS or they are GUN-NUTS, or maybe both.

  19. Can you imagine that nice kindergarten teacher walking into her classroom with a loaded semi-automatic gun?

  20. What about hall monitors? Will they be armed as well and be given arrest powers like the teachers?

  21. Big difference between a jerk with a gun and a trained officer who knows when to let the school officials handle a kid and not get talked into treating a child like a murderer.

  22. The insane way things are going with guns in America – AND thank you for all the illegal guns that make it across the border into the hands of gang members, hence increasing our gun violence annually! Why stop at arming teachers, you should just make the entire country open carry. According to some American's that would make America safer. People could just take law enforcement into their own hands. Except make it really hard for black and brown people to have guns, just the white people, because they're responsible gun owners. The whole thing is a joke, but your gun laws are a joke!

    Why is it so easy for Law-makers in New Zealand to just state a ban on guns! That's pro-active, and a show of compassion for the lost lives of 49 innocent human beings! Make it harder for these psycho's to get their hands on machine guns! Jesus, it's not that hard, arming your teachers is an NRA greedy solution, they don't care about their fellow American citizens!


  23. I'm starting to feel that some states are stuck, and thinking in the mindset of the 1860's.
    Traumatized still from the Civil War, and not adapted to the new reality of today. Fox News keeps these people blind, pissed off and afraid. No wonder they are swayed by false bullshit preachers and self proclaimed messiahs who know how to lie, and use TV on their brains.

  24. Maybe the teachers can sell the gun for money.

  25. I would NEVER send my kid to a school where the "teachers" have the same power as the cops! Even more so when you watch all these vids of teachers that shit on some kids, and are bullies themselves!!!

  26. Its a better solution then having uppety bitches like anna spew idiocy

  27. They also have to teach all the teachers jiu jitsu so that students can't overpower them and take their guns. That's gonna get expensive.

  28. This would help end gun violence?

  29. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, schools will have a chance!

  30. Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million, in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008. ~ The National Academies’ Institute of Medicine and National Research Council

  31. Teachers with guns would make us safer.

  32. ANA you again sound so dumb…. dont be afraid of guns, we need more guns on the front lines to prevent school shootings.. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE KILL!!!!

  33. My maths teacher is 65, wears 1-inch thick glasses, and keeps on driving into the sidewalk when she parks.
    Yeah. Let's give her an Uzi to protect me.

  34. This is nothing but fear mongering

  35. We need nation wide constitutional carry

  36. These teachers would be given training, and only the ones who wanted to take up the task. Basically these teachers would also be armed guards. What's so "crazy" about that?! Would you allow armed guards to get their teaching license?… or would that be too "crazy" too?

  37. LESS GUNS LESS SHOOTNGS. Problem solved.

  38. Guns are for dumb rightwing murderers

  39. If a teacher wants to carry then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to, no one is forcing anyone else to but if someone wants to use their 2nd amendment right to carry then by all means do so, even in the most dangerous places in the USA 🇺🇸 (GUN FREE ZONES)

  40. So teachers, who are already, parent, counselor, nurse, mentor, educator, caretaker, janitor, relationship adviser, and bully protection… now they need to add police officer to that list?

  41. I agree with teachers having guns

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