ARRIVING IN STYLE! Helicopter to Monaco for the #rSGetaway! | Fashion Mumblr

Arriving in Monte Carlo in a HELICOPTER! We are being spoilt by Like.To.Know.It.Europe – a 3 day getaway with the girls! OPEN FOR OUTFIT LINKS!
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❤ What I Wore ❤

To Travel :
Pink Stripe Top –
Jeans –
Gold Flats –

To Explore:
Lemon Dress –
Rockstud Shoes –
Gold Stud Bag –

For Dinner:
Navy Playsuit –

Earrings :
Necklace :
Rings :
Bracelet :

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ASOS Spring Haul :


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  1. Moi j'aime bien les filles de mon âge milliardaires qui font leur cinéma à Monaco, j'en suis fière.

  2. Ooooh Josie the behind the look at what the toast "really" looks like was sooooo fun.
    🌸😎🖱🥂🌺🤗🥂🌷😊📸🎚🍷😊🌷📱🥂🦋📱😎🥂🌷📹😂🤣😂 Five 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟stars!!!!!

    Oooh I just adore how u let us peek into your real world.

    I also love how you find humor and laughter even in your stressful moments of hoping to get the "perfect" photo. I pray you know each and every photo of you is always "perfect!"

  3. You have got some presents at the hotel.

  4. I get content anxiety ALL THE TIMMMMEE!!! X

  5. Am I the only one who recognized Jules from Ladies of London?

  6. u look and sounds like kylie minogue

  7. Hi lovely Josie! Why is the 'perfect' Instagram shot so important? As in, what happens? How does it benefit you? xx

  8. I've been busy with work, but taking a breather by binge watching all of your travel videos Josie. What a beautiful view indeed, living vicariously through you awesome ladies.

  9. Stunning!!🌹🌹

  10. Is it just me or she really looks like Freddy My Love?

  11. Monaco looks amazing 😍and the hotel, omg!

  12. You are such a beautiful person, I would love to see you talk about how to wear those gorgeous light colors with ease. I rarely wear light colors out of fear! Help🙏🏽

  13. You are really fashionable 👌👌❤️

  14. I love everything about your style, so classic and elegant 😊 even down to your pyjamas! Xx

  15. The darker color looked so nice on you!!

  16. Love the navy on you! Monaco looks amazing! Just absolutely love your vlogs xx

  17. Did you walk around Monaco and the palace in your Valentinos!? #superwoman

  18. refreshing to see you in a darker colored outfit!😍

  19. Josie you look Stunning❤
    Just wondering if you get anxiety from travelling. love you😙

  20. The hotel room is definitely goals as far as decorating! So glad you wore the dress!

  21. Wow! I wish my day at work was this glamorous. Absolutely beautiful trip; loved all the outfits ❤️

  22. Ahhhh you chose the lemon print dress!!!! Its adorable – I LOVE it. So Parisian x

  23. Loved that lemon romper. Monaco looks amazing!!

  24. Ah you kept both – the dress and the play suit! I wouldn't have been able to choose either. They are both so lovely! I can't wait to see how you style them. X

  25. That hotel room is STUNNING!! I'd love to visit Monaco. And yes I also get MAJOR content anxiety – never called it that before but now I will! I thought I was just a high maintenance weirdo! Hahaha

  26. Josie!!!! You looked stunning in that navy jumpsuit…so regal.

  27. That lemon dress is lovely.

    And omg that navy playsuit! I am going to go broke watching your channel!

  28. Oh i was there a month ago. I so wanna gonna back. Monaco is insane 😍

  29. Ahh so jealous! Monaco looks amazing!! Hope you're having a wonderful time! Love the lemon dress! 💕

  30. I love the blue playsuit on you. Really stylish and classy. Perfect for a night out in Monaco.

  31. Lemon dress looked really nice. Jumpsuit was classy tho with your Valentino's:-)

  32. Love the blue jumpsuit!!! All the food looks so amazing!! Hope you have the best time!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. hello beauty what for a brand is your pink jelewrycase? can you say it? xoxo

  34. Loved this. You're so beautiful 💖

  35. Love the lemon dress on you.

  36. I was there a few years ago what a beautiful place, loved it. Used to live in South of France.

  37. Oh Josie the hotel room is fabulous; I totally agree! Monte Carlo is a place I have always wanted to go perhaps I will get there one day! I loved your dress as well but then everything looks amazing on you! I hope you had a great time! TFS

  38. loving your vlogs!! you were gifted some beautiful things xx

  39. Monaco looks gorgeous! ❤

  40. even though I love your usual fashion colour palette, the navy looked lovely on you with your tanned skin and it suits your figure perfectly! A style inspiration as always!

  41. Oh wow, Monaco looks SO gorgeous! Thanks for this vlog!!!

  42. I kinda envy you.. nice vlog 😃😊

  43. You looked so beautiful in the blue outfit by the way! A great color on you! 🙂

  44. You chose the lemon dress! yay! good choice Josie 😉

  45. Josie That last Outfit is perfect for you ,it really suits you,

  46. I never thought I'd say this but you are adorable. …a classic English Rose

  47. anyone else feel sorry for that little lip balm she knocked off & then forgot to mention hahaha

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