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As Americans Struggle With Medical Bills, Doctor Lets Patients Pay By Volunteering |NBC Nightly News

Many Americans are being pushed to extremes to pay for their health care, with a study last year finding that medical bills led to nearly 60 percent of individual bankruptcies. A Nebraska doctor created an unconventional repayment program where patients can pay for their surgeries with volunteer hours.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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As Americans Struggle With Medical Bills, Doctor Lets Patients Pay By Volunteering |NBC Nightly News


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  1. medical insurance is unrealistic as drugs and hospitals charge astronomical costs.

  2. Or go for cheaper medical fees in Malaysia.

  3. America has some outstanding medical treatments that people the world over, including in my country, fundraiser to be able to avail of. That said, there’s something truly sick about its general medical costs. Here, it costs €75 a day as a public patient to get medical care, no matter what you’re in for – with ways to reduce or even drop that cost, depending on your circumstances. I had shoulder surgery as a public patient with a top surgeon, a full team, xrays etc, and the cost to me was €150. By contrast, a family member was visiting America on holiday when they were taken ill, an ambulance was called, and there were a couple of brief doctor checks. Thank God they recovered, but the first – the First – bill that arrived was for $10,000. (Luckily they had travel insurance, with that €40 or €50 they’d paid proving a godsend.) So, while America offers incredible medical surgery and techniques, if you can afford it, the general costs just seem truly obscene.

  4. The only correct solution is to STOP treating health as a commodity that impoverished people can't afford. Health care is a RIGHT, NOT a privilege.

  5. This is why I dread what will happen to the US when the Coronavirus reaches it's shores. With no medical cover, people will be loathe to visit doctors or hospitals until it is too late and their families and friends will be contaminated. That's how contagious diseases spread so quickly across African countries.

  6. Import the third world?
    Become the third world.
    But at least we weren't racist!

  7. Cool can I come down then? Or is this just propaganda?

  8. As long as candidates continue to propose half baked fixes that keep for-profit companies in charge of healthcare, this will never be fixed. A company's goal is to make as much profit as possible. They do that by denying people the coverage that they deserve. They do that regardless of whether you live or die, they don't care as long as they make their money.

  9. I'm still paying a hospital Bill from October 2017. They sent me separate bills for everything they did

  10. Ankle surgery? Gastric bypass first. Ankle problem solved. You're welcome.

  11. Glad people got to pay off their bills, but doesn’t that still count as forced labor? Forcing people to labor…..in response to them unable to pay for medicine or surgery….😬😬 yeah, that’s still not the best that we can do.

    People say that doctors and insurers may lose their incentive to perform at their best if they’re not paid as much. Tough cabbage. When people go bankrupt, we need to look in the mirror and analyze what we can do as a people in reducing the costs for others and making life more vibrant for others. That’s what I say.

  12. I was always told they can not make you pay.

  13. Awful medical system! 1 one in cost it’s a a joke,

  14. I have $20,000 of medical Bill's 😞

  15. Something is terribly wrong with this country, that you have to employ "lite" slave labor in order to pay your bills and the "peasants", im mean "red blooded americans" take pride in doing menial "volunteer " work to pay mesical bills. Smh.

  16. No one should have to do this, that's the point. Any other industrialized nation would scoff at the idea that people have to work to pay off healthcare that they can't afford to pay off with money. As if most people are going to have the time to do this when they have to work 2-3 jobs to survive in the first place. No one in this country, the richest country in the history of the world, should be uncovered or under-covered.

  17. i need help with seeing a dentist and getting dental work.. or i loose my teeth..want to help email.me some cash erol312006@hotmail.com , if i get ill i will die , i already am close to being type 2 , i have high blood preasure and hi tri Glycerides… i need meds but cant buy it… so i take a few asprin a day.. the best i can do. if i need to go to hospital i will die… also i am homeless so i will die in my car with my dog

  18. There are bills waiting for Trumps signature on Moscow Mitch's desk, been there for months. For Healthcare and Meds. for months

  19. How do doctors and staff get paid?

  20. Jesus i am ready for you to come and destroy this sinful world..

  21. We shouldn’t have to be obligated to volunteer in order to pay off medical debts. Volunteering should be bc I want to do it.

  22. And who can be against Bernie now? Only greedy and heartless people.

  23. 15,000 cash in 2 months …. With a year of treatments to go… my children and parents will be giving up their lives to save mine.
    Makes no sense when I worked so hard to be a good woman and raised good children for our world – Never did I think my insurance would fail me and so many others-
    We are good Americans doing our part- We get sick we go broke then we die. Seems it's just that way.

  24. What part of working 500 hours sounds like free medical.

  25. Rebublicans must pull out from nations that don’t pay to defend them with military and doctors of military used for the poor people in USA 🇺🇸

  26. That’s why America needs boarders ,Barry Obama and his gang made Americans poor the only rich are Hollywood and sport men and woman ,and crooks like demonRats politicians ,but people are waking up that’s why the people are behind President Trump and Vice President Pence God Bless them and USA 🇺🇸 If Nations wants protection and help thy must help USA in money and man power

  27. This is not a heart warming story. It is a terrifying story

  28. I don't want to click like but i can't click don't like in any kind of unappreciation of the report.

  29. Set the beginning steps of socialism Medicare for all right? SMH

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