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Asian Americans open up about xenophobic microaggressions during coronavirus outbreak | USA TODAY

Racism spreading faster than coronavirus.
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As coronavirus spreads across the U.S., Asian Americans share how racism and microaggressions have, too.

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  1. The virus started from native Chinese people eating something that resembles an armadillo. They eat anything & everything, incl dogs & cats, & now, China has massacred all their donkeys because if they think the bone marrow and hides have some kind of mystical magical powers. Regardless, it doesn’t mean that asian Americans should be treated any different than any other American.

  2. A virus doesn't ask you what race you have.

  3. We have to educate the world that not all Asians are Chinese. Asia is a huge continent with different countries, nationalities, cultures, personal hygiene and eating habits. Singapore and Japan ( based on my children, you can even lick the train station floor) are far cleaner than some countries considered very clean. The Philippines has an impeccable personal hygiene. Did we hear anything about an outbreak of epidemic after them having plenty of natural disasters?

  4. That story from the pudgy girl in the green shirt was clearly fake.

  5. It is very ignorant to assume someone has the virus because they look Asian. However, this is not technically racist. These people aren't making a judgement about the merits of being Asian, they are simply so simple minded they hear that the virus started with Asians and so they think Asians are more likely to have it. I guess some of them assume that an Asian in the U.S. might be more likely to go visiting in Asia/China/Korea and bring back the virus.

  6. Im korean living in skorea.
    Even koreans avoid chinese too…
    We just are sacred of the wuhan corona. It's real the virus spread by Chinese in korea. Ppl are simple

  7. Welcome to how blacks are treated all over the world. Get over it, snowflakes. We had to.

  8. Asians worldwide now know what it’s like to be black .

  9. This shows that racism against Asians is still exist just like the Japanese during the ww2. I wonder if the virus started in Europe will they acted the same way?

  10. Don't take it personal, it's fear! All rasism is fear.
    Also obviously people are trying to make sense of it all.

  11. Stop spreading your dividing rhetoric and racism. You guys will stand in judgement for your actions in this life or next.

  12. Sorry it is not about racism.
    It is the fear of the virus. I am Italian, do not live in Italy. Italy now is overwhelmed by coronsvirus.
    When I mentioned I was of Italian origin people run away like scared cows.
    It is not because of your race, or nationality. It is the fear of being infected.

  13. Aww boohoo 😢 news flash black Americans have been facing racism for a long time get over it and toughen up. 🙄

  14. Humans must respect each other and feel empathy and understand people who are in need. We are humans and equal. I have an Asian friend from college who was been bullied by other classmates because she is Asian due to the Coronavirus incident although she is healthy and strong and some students asked her to switch sits to stay away from her. and I felt sorry about her and I supported her as a friend by telling her that those racist and childish people will be punished and stay positive and strong no matter what because GOD sees who is faithful and a real good person and who is a jerk and immature. She thanked me for her support and she also supported me as a friend in difficult situations and she still does. We still check each other to make sure that things are going good although I am European who studies in America and she is from the Philippines. When humanity will wake up and understand the other’s situation without assuming things. #humanrights #respect #nondescrimination #equality #equalrights #humanity #empathy #equallife #equallifematters

  15. That Hispanic dude at the beginning is saying what every Mexican I work with is saying . That Chinese people eat all sorts of weird shit lol

  16. I’m sorry but did this outbreak not start in China? I’m not justifying the racism, but I do think we need to be honest about how this virus started. China has a serious problem with hygiene and cleanliness the virus was said to originate in a seafood market with Chinese citizens eating live wildlife causing them to spread disease to their communities

  17. It's not all or nothing. Of course, anyone who actually thinks Asians have coronavirus by default are brain-dead and SHOULD be killed by the coronavirus. On the other hand, let's not get cavalier with facts, by conflating issues that don't go together. Coronavirus started in Asia, and so did SARS, and so did the avian flu. Those are facts, and it's reasonable for people to go WTF are they doing over there? There's consensus that coronavirus started in a wet market in China with the handling of a pangolin. And of course, by now social media has opened up a world of "delightful" sights from those places that really makes us question why and how they didn't learn the first couple of rounds. Special pathogens just keep sprouting from that side of the world. Whether you like it or not, there are many high risk and disgusting practices that are endemic to Asian cultures. That is just the truth.

  18. Chinese-born asians are some of THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. Lets see how they like living with 1940's levels of racism.
    I have ZERO pity or respect for those people

  19. Fear is in Racism You can see it here….

  20. As a black person..I will only care when I see these Asian 😢 leading a Black Lives Matter rally. My first experience of racism in Amerikkka was by someone of Asian descent sooo cry me a river🎵

  21. What happened when Arizona pass the law about checking non-whites about their status and what did Asians do they singled out Latinos they threw their racism, arrogances, and prejudice towards Latinos. What happen when the Ebola situation Asians were racism and ect… Now that other ethnicities are going strong at Asians with racisms, Asians are complaining. This is to Asians deal with it and know how it feels but in the past Asians did the same thing, So how is it different from previous times.

  22. My friends are avoiding me at school because I’m korean.

  23. bruh i got the dirtiest 10 second look from 2 old guys at the gym a few hours ago and im not even chinese lol

  24. Know yall no how black people feel when we come in yall stores lol

  25. The purpose of this video is to victim blame. The irony is that the real victims are not the Chinese. SMFH.

  26. "Every disease came from China". Someone didn't pay attention to history class lol.

  27. Its the Chinese communist party that should be held accountable, not the whole Asian race.

  28. well, when media causes massive fear what do you expect……

  29. You only look at Asian people and think they're infected.

  30. Where are my Anime people we should defend them 🦾if you wanna see another episode of Baruto😶

  31. I've never seen such a wide-eyed racial gap in my life in the U.S. in

  32. Oh shut up !!! Thousands die And let’s talk about feelings at this pandemic time !!

  33. People are hostile because they are dumb and scared.

  34. 加油Chinese,与你同在。

  35. Tariq Nasheed is somewhere saying " hold Ya own NUTZ!!!"…HE IS GRINNING AND GOING ON AND ON ABOUT OGUN…

  36. It is an Wuhan coronavirus just like Spanish flu.

  37. China restricts foreigners be glad you are allowed to travel all around and stay at any hotel.

  38. As a good looking korean. I had many girls approached me in school and gym and now they are trying to keep distance from me 😆

  39. Bullshit made up stories lol

  40. Welcome to the black world😡😡😡

  41. I just want to hug all those people that was hurt from racist people.
    This is so messed up that there are people that are not using the head

  42. This is some funny shit. Liberal leftist Democrat states being racist. Say it ain't so.

  43. Politically correct skin worshipping lunatics.

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