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ASUS VivoWatch SP hands-on at IFA 2019

ASUS VivoWatch SP hands-on at IFA 2019

It’s not quite a smartwatch, but ASUS’ new fitness-focused VivoWatch SP can monitor your heart and your sleep, all while lasting 14 days on a single charge.

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  1. Does this constantly monitor or does monitor when you ask it?

  2. i love it😍😍😍😍🇳🇵. Asus is the best brand.

  3. Can I just install it on my left ventricle?

  4. It lalmost look like the Amazfit Pace which a budget fitness watch from 2017

  5. Wow. Interesting new player for the health line. Could it give Fitbit and Garmin a run for their money? Absolutely! If they end up in stores anyway.

    Smartwatches fall under either being a watered down ssmartphone phone on your wrist (e.g. apple, Samsung, anything wear os) and then these ones that fall short of smartwatch functions but have amazing fitness tracking.

    As a Fossil lover not too interested in this device itself but love how good the fitness tracking looks.

  6. $300? WHAT the FUCK!? Nope thanks.

  7. It better be cheap if there is no OS and it had a flat tire with rubber bands.

  8. People volunteer their hard earned money for these watches, then outta no-where their life health/insurance goes up or is denied. These devices are gonna send bio metric data to big corporations that will be able to have their way with you more than ever.

  9. Garmin wants to welcome ASUS to 2014!

  10. 4:03 wow the flat tire has made a return

  11. With a 14-day battery life and an integrated GPS, I may consider upgrading from my Charge 3. However, how fast I upgrade will depend on two factors: the price, and the features and layout of the associated app.

  12. The intro made me cringe. it was unnecessary.

  13. looking at my apple watch and than at this thing… the feel of the appreciation for apple on apple watch remarkable fit and finish standards and insane engineering is beyond words

  14. I i would just go to the doctor in terms of heart related questions, rather then have ASUS tell me what they "think" i should do… but i guess whatever sells the idea of self medicating rather then relay on professionals is good business for ASUS

  15. Interface looks horrible. It's 2019, why does this still exist? A noticeable delay after swiping through rhe the interface.

  16. I like this watch quite a lot and will most likely pick it up

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