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ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo Hands-On at Computex 2019

ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo Hands-On at Computex 2019

We take a first look at a new offering from ASUS.

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  1. Touchbar is useless, this is pointless…

  2. Please, take my money Asus!

  3. but…can you hackintosh it?

  4. I'm already imagining how i'm gonna use this laptop as a graphic designer, I will open my main graphic software on the main screen, open my chrome browser, Microsoft word and Photoshop CC all on the secondary screen, without minimizing anyone, also, I can work on them simultaneously without any issue…..OH MY GOSH, I'm ordering this once it's out effectively immediately…..😄😄😄😄😄

  5. Does somebody know the price????

  6. As a freelance artist and a student this is perfect, can't wait until it comes out, if it's more than I can currently afford, then time to save some moolah lol

  7. It's a huge change in d arena of laptops. Awesome design ❤️

  8. The MBP is a toy compared to this thing…

  9. are they both touch screens or just the bottom one?

  10. Apple: MacBook pro with touchbar

    Asus: ok we, same thing but bigger
    Lol 😅

  11. But Asus always Blue Screen ….

  12. Did I miss it or did we never get a view of the right side to see the port selection? But still, nice video, and this looks like a real contender for creators.

  13. Why can't Americans think of this? I thought America is #1. This is why Trump is so scared of the Chinese.

  14. It looks Star Trekie

  15. imagine having an editor open on the main screen and multiple terminals in the secondary screen. This is gonna be awesome for programmers.

  16. on the heavier side for a 13" … 13" duo [3.9 lbs] 13" spectre x360 – [2.92 lb], 13’ asus flip s – [2.42 lbs], 13’ surface book – [3.62 lbs] …. 15" MacBook Pro [4.49lbs]

  17. This is will be awesome for musicians and DJing. The other plus would be stock and crypto market watchers.

  18. The moment you realize you haven't been told the price! Spoiler alert: your 2 kidneys

  19. What’s the point in having basket ball play on the small tv I think it would have been better for the basketball game to be on big screen and your work or whatever on small display

  20. So stocked for it after discouraged by apple keyboard issues. I WANT TO BUY THIS ASAP.

  21. cool but whats the price

  22. The keyboard can also be replaced with a touch screen.

  23. After what they have done to Huawei I want to support other impressive brands. And Asus you got my attention.

  24. This is what PRO laptops should be.

  25. This I can actually see being useful… unlike the HP with a tiny extra screen.

  26. Super nice but is the battery a nuclear one?

    The 4K screen in addition should drain also ur soul!

  27. The only thing I don't like is the lack of palm rest. I saw you put one there, was it included in the box (just wondering, not gonna buy haha)?

  28. As an Apple admirer I have to say, I’m very impressed with some of these PC laptops and their genuine innovative technologies. Apple has gotten lazy…wouldn’t mind getting one of these Pc laptops

  29. This guy legit looks like my boss

  30. Chomebooks needs to adopt his direction in the future- Lightweight dual screen -5G connection, Good battery life

  31. Hey Apple are you taking notes?!?

  32. No Thunderbolt 3???🤔😔

  33. how much is this like 5000

  34. Excellent idea! But:
    1. kiss the battery life goodbye
    2. where are the speakers? No please, no bottom speakers!

  35. the price will be 3500$~4000$…

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