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ASUS ZenBook S13 review: A gamer’s ultraportable

ASUS ZenBook S13 review: A gamer’s ultraportable

It’s clear that 2019 is going to be big for gaming laptops, but ASUS’s ZenBook S13 is a sign that we’re going to see the notebook world evolve in even more ways this year. It’s a 2.5-pound laptop with one of NVIDIA’s dedicated GPUs, which absolutely trounces the integrated graphics plaguing most light notebooks. And it packs all of that power in a sleek frame with some of the thinnest screen bezels I’ve ever seen. The ZenBook S13 is close to being the laptop of my dreams, one that’s incredibly light, but that can also play some games.

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  1. Why t.. f .. would you call this product a GAMING laptop??? You are totally misrepresenting its position on the market. This is totally aimed at Razer Blade Stealth, Huawei Matebook 13, Acer Swift 7 or on the Apple Macbook Air 13 🙁 I don´t get you Engadget.. you are a tech magazine… Should you not know better?

  2. What about dropnotch on laptop !!😊😊

  3. When is this laptop going to be available to consumers?

  4. First time seeing Devindra! Always listen to him on /Filmcast!

  5. I really like this guy review, he is very professional and logical in his argument. Very different than that asian woman review.

  6. Can't engagdget get someone who is not dead inside to do their videos??? Seriously man

  7. you should check out MSI PS63

  8. The title is a bit misleading, but that seems like a fantastic ultrabook.

  9. i really hate that reverse notch

  10. I seriously hope that this claim proves to be true. I just purchased the Asus Zenbook UX333, (with MX 150 in the smallest 13.3 form factor to date), so that I can realize my dream of ultra light gaming on the go.

    UNFORTUNATELY, the serious throttling issues of the MX150 in this small form factor makes the games practically unplayable, with constant FPS drops every 20-30 seconds. I tried everything to fix it…but no dice.

    In fact, gaming on the integrated HD provided more consistent FPS…

  11. 6 hours battery life for an ultraportable seems like its missing the point of what its main niche in the laptop world its supposed to be occupying….You know, being moved around a lot for long period away from a power point?…Is this the 15 or 25 watt variant? Pretty big thing not to cover in a review worth its salt…

  12. The anty notch idea was fabulous. …it looks good…and also has other functional facility

  13. Nvidia needs to hurry up with the MX250 and GTX 2050 variants im getting bored

  14. Pointless to be this thin if they dont provide thunderbolt3/extra nvme slot/built in gtx 1050 instead of that mx150

  15. When it will be on the stores?

  16. It seems like the Asus Vivobook 13 not the zenbook s13. I think zenbook s13 is also have code name ux333.

  17. Sick of Game Laptops, Can any company bring a laptop for Photography & Video creators.

  18. The comments here echo this sentiment that being a "gamer" is mutually exclusive with lower end hardware. Is this really the way we want to define people who love gaming? If I threw my GTX 1080 in the trash and only played Super Nintendo for the rest of my life, would I cease to be a gamer?

    The MX150 may bring a relatively low quality level compared to other discrete GPUs, but it empowers laptops to bring many games past a quality threshold at which many people would consider a game "playable" versus "unplayable". In this context, that's literally a feature "for gamers."

  19. 0:36 That B-roll of Surface Laptop tho…

  20. I don’t think he meant it as a hardcore gaming laptop anyways. He clearly stated that there are obviously laptops dedicated just for that. This laptop is more for a balance of all around everyday use with the ability to do gaming on the side. For me, it’s perfect because I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do like to play video games. Hopefully the price is around $1,000 as that’s what the previous Zenbook models have started around.

  21. IMO, it should really be titled an ultraportable that can be used for gaming, and not a gamer's ultraportable.

  22. What is its price
    When is it going to launch officially

  23. This isn't it chief. Ultraportable maybe but it isn't for gamers.

  24. You guys in chat dont understand the casual gamer, that plays much less and only needs 1 device that is very portable.

  25. Actual gamers would rather lug around something that is not ultra-portable as long as it was powerful enough to truly game. these ultra-lights are for people more worried about being seen as cutting edge than power users.

  26. He probably complains about his face when talking about the webcam.

  27. i don't mind laptop to be taller its better for editing

  28. A gamer's ultra-portable? Yeaaahh, nah. Just because it has a dedicated GPU doesn't mean it's a gamer laptop, especially with the terrible cooling and weak ass GPU this laptop has. It can do some light gaming, but so can a Macbook… (not that i like Macbooks)

  29. can it run minesweeper?

  30. Isn't zenbook 14 which was launched last year had the same spec's?

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