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At Least Two Dead After Shooting At Texas A&M University-Commerce | NBC Nightly News

Students at Texas A&M University-Commerce were sheltered in place for more than hour after someone opened fire at a residence hall, killing at least two people.
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At Least Two Dead After Shooting At Texas A&M University-Commerce | NBC Nightly News


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  1. All these school shooting gotta think bigger… most schools now adays teach liberalism and are teaching Chinese communism

  2. Remember to thank your local firearm fetishists for their handiwork; don't forget to tell them how much you appreciate each dead body on school grounds.

  3. Another gun free zone? That’s not possible! Because there’s no guns….. because a sign said it’s not allowed

  4. Why arent the dems all over this

  5. U can take a brother out the hood for football but u cat take the hood out the brother with football

  6. They were sisters, one went to school there. The other sister was visiting, the baby was the visiting sisters baby. Rest In Peace deja and Abby. I love y’all.

  7. It's Texas. There were tons of armed people in the State that could have prevented this. What happened?
    Truth is when someone wants someone dead it don't matter how many guns there are. Shooters will not give anybody a chance to respond. Just look at the mob where everyone has guns yet mobsters die even still.

  8. "Those involved in the shooting knew each other". Being anti-social should be considered a good thing these days.

  9. Jehovah God promise that there will be no more pain or suffering read this in your bible at Revelation 21:4 and his son Jesus Christ will do this for us, for more information visit our website at JW.org and type in the search box (Will suffering ever end?) If you have any bible questions Jehovah Witnesses are usually in your neighborhood.

  10. Texas gun laws sure are working


  12. @Energy is right. Teachers and students, should have been armed.

  13. To bad the guy didnt have a ticket to wuhan… A month ago. Where that mental case NEEDED TO BE.

  14. And this is what the suspect looks like..WHITE.

  15. Teachers and students, should have been armed, why is were I live everyone owns a gun yet no gun viollance 🤨🤔 Funny how that works. When their is like once in a blue moon it's over very quickly with multiple shots to the suspect… Very quickly

  16. Why isn’t anyone talking about a school shooting?

  17. I believe absolutely nothing from MSM. I suggest you too.

  18. Why was a 2 yo on a college campus?🤔

  19. 👎For horrible news not coverage.🤧

  20. Something not right in the usa🤔?

  21. Wait why was a child there

  22. Texas S*&M in College Station, the main campus is worse than that. That isn't a univetsity, that's s*hole institution of learning.

  23. In 2019, in 46 weeks, there were 45 school shootings.

  24. Your daily mass shooting , we will be back after this commercial break.

  25. My friend goes to this college, he’s playing video games rn lmao

  26. in england its knives in us its guns i wonder why?

  27. Texas lay your pistols down.

  28. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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