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Audi and the future of in-car entertainment at CES 2019

Audi and the future of in-car entertainment at CES 2019

How autonomy will change out we interact with automobiles with Reese Counts, Associate Editor, Autoblog.

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  1. I feel as there is too much emphasis by automotive industry to push in-car attachment to social media. For me that's all gimmicky. Instead I would like to see more analytics related to car parts, the road, traffic, news about the road 500m ahead and 500m what you left behind – more.

  2. Click Bait!!
    No visual tour, just talk!
    If I wanted “talk” I’ll turn on my radio!

  3. Seriously, u guys really need to stop unloading these carp. Like I didn't subscribe to watch bloody TALK SHOWS!! n stop false advertising! I said it yesterday ur contents doesn't match with ur thumbnail. One more of these talk shows, that's it I'll unsubscribe. I came here to see videos about u showing us latest technology not your flipping talk shows!!

  4. AUDI is Behind the Times, ATSC 3.0 can deliver 2K HDR content Directly and for FREE to Cars and moving Vehicles.
    and with Advanced Emergency Alerting , you can keep safe when Bad Weather hits,

  5. This is the dumbest shit….. also, and I quote "The company sees other opportunities to expand and incorporate the surrounding environment, like a traffic jam, becoming a part of the experience. For example, stopping at traffic lights could introduce unexpected obstacles to a game or interrupt a learning program with a quick quiz"

    Yup…..still dumb

  6. Wow all talk. Talk is cheap

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