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Audio of Jamal Khashoggi’s ‘secret interview’ with Newsweek | Al Jazeera English

Audio excerpts have been released of one of Jamal Khashoggi’s final interviews.

The discussion, with a Newsweek reporter, was originally confidential – as Khashoggi said he feared for his life.

Here’s some of the recording:

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Source: Newsweek

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  1. Now all of a sudden, a Communist like Bernie Sanders is the best example of a good man that Jamal Khashoggi can find? Just like that dictator Erdogan, under whose protection Khashoggi was living under? Now all of a sudden, Jamal Khashoggi is a saint? and nobody wants to remember how Khashoggi loved and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, a gang of murderers who killed so many in Egypt? MBS is a typical Arabic leader, and he did what all Arab leaders do; he hunted down and killed his enemy. So what else is new in the Arab world? This is a way of life in the Middle East. Khashoggi knew this. He gambled with his life and he lost. Bernie Sanders, really? Bernie Sanders hates America, no one should say his name as an example of moral dignity.

  2. Is there behavior they are mistreating people house girls they are killing them I pray justice will reveal

  3. MBS says full investigation and justice will be meted out. Remember the Egyptian pyramid builders? They build a special entrance to the tomb, put the treasures inside, and then all workers were murdered, so the secret entrance to the tomb and treasures would not be revealed. This would prevent theft of the treasures. MBS May have ordered Jamal to be done away with. MBS might execute all involved, so they do not later reveal who gave the order, to the world. Then, MBS can say he took care of the matter. What a dangerous man!

    United Nations must take him down and apply justice with him …He is a serious threat to the humanity

  5. YOU dear Jamal became the true crisis unfortunately 😔
    Revealing the ugly face of SAUDI Arabia,and the ugliest guy in it MBS

  6. They can kill the body but they can't kill the soul. Only God can destroy both body and soul

  7. Jamal Khashoggi was a wise and insightful man. It's very sad and tragic…

  8. U R the true crisis my friend ^^R.I.P.JK^^

  9. May Almighty Allah grant Jamal Jannutal Firdous and grant his family Sabr during these trying times! Unfortunately the true crisis in Saudi Arabia is ur untimely death Jamal! I firmly believe this is God’s way of exposing MBS and his evil ways, especially in light of the fact that he’s reforms are many that are contrary to the Deen of Islam and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammed Pbuh! For someone as powerful as MBS to slip up and expose himself so badly in this brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, is only the Hand of God at work! Alhamdullilah! There is justice after all, most especially for his killing of innocent ppl in Yemen! He’s now exposed and seen by all his so called friends as a no good rogue! Alhamdullilah! God is Great

  10. I hate my country leadership in Algeria because is Arabic country like Saudi Arabia and other Arab country,
    Right now also i hate Islam and I hate everything about arabe leadership.
    God bless me, Jesus bless me because i lost my mind

  11. Never trust Erabs.back stabber.

  12. America will not pressure Salman until true crisis happens in Saudi Arabia………..Shashoggi Said that!

  13. Bernie Sanders for president of America

  14. and that crisis will start because of his death

  15. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a dictatorial regime, thus it's impossible to imagine that such a complex crime could be committed without direct orders from the King or the Crown Prince.

  16. I do believe that there's really a total conspiracy involved behind the incident( Jamal Khashoggi)…no one can predict the end of this story

  17. now how will i get a hajj visa coz i ain't walking into a saudi embassy

  18. Can he do it bothways tho?

  19. Didn't Bernie Sanders sell out his supporters before the election when he decided to not run against Hillary?

  20. May his death become the catalyst for saudi's tyrant downfall. But then again a revolution in saudi may distrupt the moslem all over the world.

  21. Saudi Arabia has the absolute right to eliminate Gamal khashoggi he is considered a political traitor… In Arab conturies we have no mercy taking acts on traitors specially political ones… Turkey should be blamed for deceiving Gamal, they absolutely knew about the plan from the beginning, they chose to take advantage of it to attack Saudi Arabia in the media using Qatar Aljazeerah.

  22. Matered never dies Jamal is with his Creator

  23. In 2003, Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, was killed by the Israeli government. She did not occupy the world, and she was an American citizen. She was killed on Palestinian land by Israeli hands. In 2010, Israel carried out the massacre of the Freedom ship, which took place in the international waters. Turkish citizens, why the Turkish interest in the case of the killing of Khashoggi and political disgrace, which boasts Erdogan and behind it Europe and America in the case of the death of Khashoggi and today the world and promised to kill a Saudi citizen on Turkish territory has nothing to do with the Europeans and the Americans, Noa accomplices in his death and this media hype raised by Al-Jazeera, the killing of Khashoggi not only reflect the hypocrisy and political mischief against Saudi Arabia and do not absolve the Saudi leadership and Ibn Salman of his death and those who are complicit in his killing to give the West an excuse in his killing to launch this media momentum on the land of the Two Holy Mosques, Political process

  24. Back Jamal Khashoggi's dead body to his family.

  25. We Want Justice …Shame Saudi Kingdom .

  26. There's nothing wrong to eliminate a public figure whose actions, criticisms & philosophical thinking are harming the wellbeing of a whole nation. The Prince's actions were bad for democracy but good for KSA.

  27. MBS is isreali puppet bastrad gay

  28. Where are your Paid commentators defending the Acts of Murderers. Is money and pride your only motivation? What a disgusting thing to murder a man in cold blood who enters your domain seeking his right as a citizen. You are honourless and your type of belief is akin to disbelief. And you serve the Saudi's, who only seek power, fame fortune and to preserve their dynasty and their reign. Every Soul must stand for himself on That day, be aware where you will have to stand!

  29. No wonder, we have another desert pig from saudi even after 1400 years!!!!

  30. 🙄2011 Arab Spring ✌️
    🤔2018 Saudi Spring 👌

  31. Saudi Arabia! Does anyone even notice their crimes in Yemen??

  32. Please respect other people culture.

    Anyone said otherwise is a bigoted islamophobes racist.

  33. I hope your soul rests in peace kashoggi. I hope the perpetrators gets punished soon

  34. I am suspecting a larger plan behind this murder, this murder may be used as 9/11 against KSA. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been framed to follow the US & Israeli agenda of destruction of KSA along with its regime. Mohammad bin Salman badly trapped to do as per US design.

  35. Blow up Saudi Arabia , do the rest of the world a favour ! God Do Your job !

  36. But same thing happening in Qatar too why not report that?

  37. What's wrong with modern technology and having cinemas and better education?
    MBS is moderizing Saudi Arabia and making it a better plave and ending it's barbaric lifestyle

  38. Nobody deserves to be mutilated alive, nobody !! May God have him in his glory..RIP Khasoggi😢. Humanity should not have a price tag, boycott Saudi Arabia – period !!😡🤬

  39. wooow, those last words, to think he said that and he would be in the center of the crisis.

  40. One leader of one sovereign nation witnesses a murder involving men of his country. Assad and his family gets away with tens of thousands of murders. Whose counting anyway?

  41. The 15 death-squad men who where in the Saudi Consulate at the time of Mr Kashogi's death, HAD NO PERSONAL REASONS TO KILL HIM,
    Under WHOSE ORDERS were THEY acting, then?
    What sort of REWARD will these 15 killers GET, from the MASTER MIND of this crime?

    It is hardly likely that these 15 men would GET any actual MONETARY recompense.
    The likelihood is that they were COERSED to carry out this CRIME.
    These 15 men are all CONECTED to bin salman in the work entourage and THEY themselves ARE now BEING DISPOSED OF.
    THEIR CONFESSION is unlikely to be obtained.
    Yet there MUST be a record of the calls bin salman made, just before the murder of Mr Jamal Kashogi.
    Mr Kashogi could have NOT engaged in a FIST FIGHT with anyone. He entered the Saudi Consulate ALONE
    Mr Kashogi was WELL OUTNUMBERED, He was ATTACKED and TORTURED to death by the 15 death squad men.
    A Chávez

  42. tyrarst imreka yorp tyrarst. cia tyrarst

  43. Pakistan zndabad sodeard zndabad

  44. iljhad iljhad iljhad iljhad kfar py iljhad iljhad iljhad iljhad

  45. Lant lant lant lant lant lant lant lant lant lant amreka py lant lant yorp py lant lant lant lant lant Israel py.lant.lant

  46. mbs prolly got word of this interview and that bloodthirsty interviewer RULA JEBRAEL didnt bother keeping it secret enough as the upload demonstrates. check her out on Bill Maher, she is an anti-american anti-freedom of speech islamist

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