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Audrey Denney Crosses $1 MILLION Small Dollar Mark

Cenk Uygur speaks with Audrey Denney, a Democrat running for Congress in California’s 1st Congressional District. http://audreyforcongress.com/

Donate: https://new-audreyforcongress.nationbuilder.com/donate

Volunteer: https://www.audreyforcongress.com/volunteer

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  1. Even with all of their bot accounts, they still can't downvote enough.

  2. I hope she wins, but 538 has her district as red.  It's going to be tough for her to pull this out.

  3. Dems make Mobs. Trump makes Jobs.

  4. she needs to sit on my face to win..only way

  5. What we need to do is what Finland does make schools illegal until the child is 7 years old

    Then teach to the grade from there and 0 standardize tests

    Unless it's used to allow children to skip a grade if they want to


  7. President Trump is fighting against the same CIA-Multinational Corp-Mafia coalition that has started every 20th century war against the popularly elected governments in SE Asia, S America, and the Middle East. This CIA-Multinational-Mafia coalition is who the DNC, including shills such as TYT and MSM, is colluding with. Who do you want to win? Study your history-they are using all the same tactics. Throw out the Mob on Nov 6!

  8. I’m in California’s 2nd district I want to vote for the best progressive candidate but don’t want to split the vote who is the progressive most likely to win?

  9. Audrey Denney is the 1 for California's First District

  10. Thank you for profiling Audrey Denney, my candidate of choice in CA1!

  11. tyt still losing

  12. ANOTHER former republican who grew a brain and a heart and dumped the party that refuses to to take care of our kids and families with compassionate, sane, profitable policies on healthcare, education, foreign wars; Audrey's positions are as refreshing, healthy and green as a bike ride across Honeyrun Bridge.

  13. Does Audrey know that she now has the fake news TYT kiss of death?

  14. this is all a fraud, big business gives 100k once and makes a thousand 1$ donations, then the candidate can brag that the average donation was 100 bucks, eat a dick, you're not fooling me, liars

  15. Your apartment looks like Sierra Bonita Way…do you have my ashtray, Diane?

  16. I raised the most money therefore I win!!!

  17. She looks like the kind of chick that would star in BBC porn.

  18. I want to choke her after she starts speaking words.

  19. I'm voting for Audrey Denney.

  20. We're coming after you trumptard. Both foreign and domestic.

  21. How California is unaffordable for most Americans should be addressed.

  22. I wonder if she's had the police called on her canvassing door-to-door…

  23. Planned parent hood was made to target African American communities back in the day racist AF

  24. Cenk only likes money in politics when it suits him

  25. If she wins she will be the hottest member comgress by a long shot!

  26. Still going to fail oh yea we are watching all towns for the cheater buses no in or out with out us knowing we are at all the pick up spots

  27. Keep your powder dry liberal fucktards.

  28. The day of reckoning is coming for California. Businesses are leaving the state meanwhile debt is skyrocketing

  29. She is very chokeable, libtard women need to be choked down a notch or two.

  30. I vote for her by mail yesterday

  31. The alt-right is a psyop aimed at dividing the proletariat.

  32. Pff, that's nothing. Anyone can make that much working for themselves and not begging for money, and fake news TYT can blow through twenty times that much in one year and then beg you for more.

  33. Get money out of Politics except when it helps our candidates REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Remember to sign up and donate to my sons trust fund err.. I mean Wolf Pac. TYT 2% strong.

  34. somehow turns into communist propaganda telling people to vote blue or their going to get murdered

  35. I thought you were against money in politics. She needs to donate the money to planned parenthood.

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