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Aussie legends re-live Dizzy's 'Happy Gilmore' celebration

Jason Gillespie posted a half-century in a memorable partnership with Glenn McGrath against New Zealand – and then unleashed a celebration that had his teammates in stitches!

Check out more XXXX Gold Backyard Banter on @7Sport’s coverage of the Test summer.

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  1. gillispy was better than mcgrath but its game of luck . gillispy career was too small

  2. Gillespie needs to use hair dye 👍

  3. Lots and lots of grey hair in this clip.

  4. OMG…so much class in this video..and there is an interviewer too..Respect from Pakistan..

  5. They all look like they're really enjoying those beers.

  6. One time Brad hodge fizzed up the christchurch crowd pretending to lick the fuzzy clam.

  7. Gillespie looking like very old . can't believe

  8. That time Aus Cric team was big boss the Cric . Hatric world cup . wow ream

  9. Sydney Smash are always good matches

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