Australia penalised five runs for running on the pitch

Australia were penalised five runs after Umpire Aleem Dar ruled that Marnus Labuschagne and then David Warner had run on the pitch against New Zealand at the SCG


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  1. Aleem Dar sees that but doesnt see all the no balls that he didnt call this summer hmmm ok

  2. Australian players are intensional players

  3. In a match where aleem dar is umpiring these are common

  4. This is an angry Muslim .That's all

  5. That dont argue go by Aleem Dar is literally every Indian school teacher ever😂

  6. wrong decision… bc batsman side se hi bhaag ke run liya h.. apni force to shift krni hi padegi nA

  7. Warner : warning kyu de
    Aleem dar: awain sexy lag rha ta bhagte howe is liye

  8. Great umpire ever I seen well done sir

  9. Pakistanis are frustrated a lot

  10. Waner: What have i done?
    Aleem Dar: I am not supposed to tell you that 😜

  11. Aleem Dar like a typical traffic cop – 5runs

  12. Yes, the players ran on dangerous area…seems intentional

  13. Aur kahan bhagte hai bhai… I'm confused.

  14. When allem dar next waring please every one look the bowler reaction he is too much🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  15. Warner; what have I done.
    Aleem Dar: Just f**k off .

  16. Aleeeem Dar Is Best !
    Tell Me Who Notice These Things Before ❤❤❤

  17. Well done Aleem Dar. You are the greatest Umpire to have ever walked onto the pitch.

  18. The commentator is like where are you meant to run, well mate if you still don't know where are you meant to run, then I suggest, you should leave commentary and go back to cricket academy and learn basics.
    These tricks won't work against good umpires so maybe next time you could ask for kenyan umpires for bilateral series.

  19. The most unpopular cricket team in the world must surely be the Australian Test team.

  20. Indians be like

    Blah blah blah whinge blame blah blah blah remember blah blah but all in hindi.

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