Australia Wildfires: Military Deployed As Crisis Grows | NBC Nightly News

Bushfires have scorched more than 12 million acres — an area 40 times the size of Los Angeles — with the haze visible from space. Some 3,000 military reservists are being called to help with evacuations and supply runs. At least 23 people have been killed and ecologists estimate that half a billion animals have died.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Australia Wildfires: Military Deployed As Crisis Grows | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The days of might is right ARE long OVER…this is clear KARMIC RETRIBUTION 😔 FOR KILLING OF the indigenous ABORIGINAL People of Australia and New Zealand!!!😕😕😕🤷🏿‍♀️

  2. Australia was robbed from the abroigines

  3. God bless you all. I am not sure how I can help but shooting #climate change is real.

  4. As a Californian I hear this and feel the pain… burning everything to the ground isn’t as cool as it sounds.

  5. revelations, californias ablaze , australia, underground fires in PA , alaska. china . god cleansed the earth once by flood and now by fire as promised .

  6. My heart bleeds for the Animals.,

  7. Poor to the plants & animals!

  8. Wrath of God. Turn away from your sins and put god first in your country

  9. Where’s crocodile Dundee when you need him ??

  10. The world should help Australia now. Please!

  11. This kind of thing sucks I am sad and feel terrible these poor people and animals of Australia.

  12. Everyone needs to protest their governments around the world to do something about global warming. Save the rain forests, mandatory recycling, clean cars and etc. We need to turn this around over the next 5 to 10 yrs. Have to start now!!! Bring back car emission in every state in every industrial country.

  13. God I pray you guys down under get rain!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough to put out all those fires, it cant happen quickly enough

  14. The end just started and this is nothing

  15. We still send our prayers to Australia ✋✋✋

  16. Republiclowns don't believe in global warming.

  17. meteors and space debri caused this and dryness, chem trails may have helped

  18. Only Trump can help this people

  19. the fire jumped over the river, how stupid! we are in the time of : I will destroy all the land there of.

  20. That map of Los Angeles and saying its 40 times bigger than that picture didn't do a whole lot of justice to the scale of what's been burned.

  21. Don't worry guys , courtesy of Trump , the rakes are on the way !

  22. Word has it the fire is being spread by libtard globalists.

    Google HARP.

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