Australian govt pledges 'whatever it takes' to recover from wildfires

Fox News’ Jeff Paul reports from Australia on the wildfires and the Australian government’s response to the natural disaster.

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  1. why if the muzzle of some political miscarriage is shown then all its acne is visible, and if the environmental situation is the quality as in the 90s? have all the quality cameras already burned?

  2. Forest fires is not new to blame on climate change. It's weather pattern that creates or catches fire in woods-wilderness.
    But recent years the climate is going through hot-cold current warfare. This is created by humans greed and their desire for power-authority-money-richness and humans desire is multiplied to 100,000times with their wicked innovation's in technology manipulation and earths atmosphere disturbances. It's serious crime by humans and even after FISA warrant report release the world nation's sit mum.

  3. Can't they try "Cloud Seeding" to make rain to help with the fires??

  4. Why is only California and Australia having such an issue with wild fires? Hmmmmmmm…….

  5. Radical leftists are starting the fires and blaming it on "climate change."

  6. Whatever it takes means ,,, taking our tax dollars in foreign aid

  7. It's not the hoax of climate change. These fires are normal, just not at this scale..but even so, it needs to happen and sterilize the ground and area. Eucalyptus oil is working like lighter fluid so you can understand what they're dealing with.

  8. The government sold all our natural water helping the drought

  9. They best pledge to 'impeach' their DEEPSTATE WORTHLESS prime minister!

  10. Climate alarmists are a cult. Let's suppose that long ago a fire broke out on the continent of Australia and there was nothing or no one to stop it, it'd burn coast to coast. Literally burn the entire continent. The point is, that this is normal for the earth. All the volcanoes and cows farts are no match for the planet. Neither is man and all those new smoke stacks in China (big polluters). In fact, the planel in not in a carbon neutral environment , it's in a carbon deficit environment. Perhaps humans are here because the earth wants more carbon not less, hence the fires as started by the alarmist nitwits.


  12. run by globalist puppets just like california!

  13. Think about how long it will take for a tree to be old enough and large enough for the lumber to be used. It could take several generations to replace what's already been lost in California alone. These uncontrolable fires have to stop. And don't give me that BS it's climate change …

  14. To bad they didn't have that idealism for prevention they are using the UN globalist cabal agenda on for prevention and that is do nothing just like in California part of social engineering plan and they don't care how much suffering they create

  15. They should probably have harsher punishments for arson if they want to stop the fires. Research shows a huge percentage of the fires are man made

  16. I think most people know that the weather pattern are totally controlled. If they wanted it to rain for a few days and put out that fire they could totally do it. But they are intentionally making it hot and dry and then all these synchronous fires all over start destroying the land and people’s lives. Many feel that the fires were started artificially by a directed energy weapons just like they did in the . US in California . There are satellite pictures very clearly showing lasers starting fires. Why?? Look up agenda 21 and 2030 and Linda Tavares she has researched this subject very thoroughly and can easily prove who is responsible

  17. Build Concrete Dome homes.. Less Expensive and Fireproof.

  18. Scary thing is is they say they can make it rain why aren’t they making it rain over there

  19. If Australia burns down they should all seek asylum in Mexico.

  20. It’s partially Australia’s climate change policy that is the problem. Waterway redirection upon other things. Just like in California. How about Australia do whatever it takes to prevent these fires , and drop the climate change nonsense


  22. Looks a bit like California last year doesn't it?

  23. We Should be helping Australia They contribute troops from Vietnam to Afghanistan..How many troops did Israel give the coalition..Who is getting us into War with Iran

  24. These fires in Australia are just like the ones in California they were made far worse by the left

  25. Build more desalination plants, Put these fires out.

  26. Repetitive cycle …… For millions of years!

  27. Navy's laser weapon "athena" is proving itself useful against wildlife

  28. ''Australian govt pledges 'whatever it takes' to recover from wildfires''…
    …no matter how much taxpayer money we have to spend! ahem

  29. So they are going to stop torching wildlife?

  30. I am willing to say, wildfires were around even before humans walked the earth.

  31. Australian has already arrested over 200 people for starting the fires.

  32. Climate Change has nothing to do with climate change . Pure propaganda

  33. Oh great evertime there's a bush fire we have to hear climate change .

    Shouldn't the fake sea rise put it out ?

  34. The Australian Government sold millions of gallon of water and drained Australia’s water reserve to China , some people in Australia say the Government set these fires.

  35. I thought Americans can do something for Aussies — one of their closest allies… Unfortunately, they are MAGA and WW3.

  36. California Wildfires then Australian wildfires….hmmmm. all liberal spots, pc poor land management and both areas globalist strongholds and DUMBS. hmmmm.

  37. All the poor animals. Sad.

  38. What if in 100 years they realize climate change is because we no longer let wildfires burn themselves out?

  39. What other choice do you have ya bloody cunts

  40. This looks like a job for ….. Greta Thunburg!!!

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