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Australians Flee Devastating Wildfires As Thousands Of Koalas Feared Dead | NBC Nightly News

Authorities have told thousands of Australians to leave their homes as fires engulf the country’s heavily populated southeast. The blazes have scorched some 20,000 square miles and killed nine people, with thousands of koalas feared dead.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Australians Flee Devastating Wildfires As Thousands Of Koalas Feared Dead | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 99% of Koalas have chlamydia.. and this guy is randomly letting it drink from his water bottle 🤢

  2. Light fireworks instead…I smell bad karma.

  3. Throw another Abbo on the barbie.

  4. Fireworks while the country is on fire smh…
    Seems kind childish and selfish c’mon

  5. How about you put out the fires and then set off fireworks?

  6. The entire continent is on fire, dude. Forget the fireworks. Who's going to stand out in the choking snoke-filled air to watch them? Set aside your pride and money and focus on what's important.

  7. Tears and prayers for our Aussie friends. RESIST!!

  8. The prime minister is so out of tough. Pay your firefighters.😢

  9. So tragic. All this devastation and death human and animal. Thank you for helping those poor Koalas.

  10. Cancel the New Years fireworks display in memory of the fallen koala bears. The original inhabitants of Australia 🐨

  11. How crazy can you be, your whole country is on fire and then you will also start fireworks!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you for coverage on this issue . I’ve been so worried about my Aussie friends down under . They have needed international help so badly . The firefighters needed all the help they could and still can get ASAP . My dear friend Miss Rhonda has been sounding off on social media for the longest to get the Firefighters some help . The fires have been so close to her area as well .

  13. Fireworks must go on because of kickbacks from Chinese manufacturer.

  14. Who needs fireworks when they got forest fires to light the sky.amirite? 😂

  15. the least they can do is be creative and fire off those fireworks on a barge out on the water …. if the show must really go on then at least keep it safe ….im pretty sure if a resident was self centered enough to have their own fireworks in their own backyard they would be jailed … but because its the government … lets light the place up !!!

  16. OMG, NOOOOOoooooooooo? Save the Koalas….couldn't care less about the people.

  17. No wonder dump gets along with this asshat.

  18. I knew this Australian PM was useless but this is a new low, completely disassociated with reality

  19. I bet that crocodile guy (what's his name?) is turning over in his grave, that this is happening in his country and that the Aussie PM ain't gonna do 'croc' 🐊to save the lives of people and animals.

  20. I can think of no better time NOT to express to the world just how optimistic and positive you are as a country. 🙄

  21. Morrison appears to be out of touch with the reality that billions of dollars of property are going up in smoke. I am all for facing adversity with a positive outlook. His hyper-optimism without a plan for action makes me worried for Australia.

  22. People are dieing and you want to put on a show God comingg back get ready

  23. Fireworks are worth more them animals life’s . And I thought trump was dumb

  24. please tell me they got people and Koalas out of harms way .. they knew it was coming no reason for this

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