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Authorities respond to reports of an active shooter in Jersey City | USA TODAY

Police officers responded to reports of two active shooters in Jersey City on December 10 after eyewitnesses reported that shots had been fired at civilians and law enforcement on Martin Luther King Drive.

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  1. Freedom, democracy, and beautiful scenery.

  2. Same folks behind London Bridge me thinks !!! !!!

  3. Jersey was nice back in the day. And then……you know.

  4. why does each cop have 2 full autos? our soldiers seem to get by with one going door to door…

  5. BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES ARE THE SHOOTERS…Explains the "Crickets". 🤫👌🐸

  6. 2 Lone gunman, dead…. Yeah, same game different day.

  7. Anyone else watch this clip in entirety

  8. Another false flag. Never forget the USS Liberty, Lavon Affair and Apollo Affair. Or 911

  9. Yeah this is definitely targeted.

  10. y-a-a-a-w-w-w-w-w-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n,……NEXT SWAT TRAINING DRILL, PLEASE!


  12. The juice are our misfortune.

  13. 666, the number of the joo beast

  14. Let me guess the 13% doing 50% stuff again.

  15. Total BS as usual. Nothing real here accept the fact that the police their crime bosses and the media are conspiring to fraud the public and should be held accountable.

  16. On Kennedy street? So the next fake shooting will be either Texas or Massachusetts? They always put clues in their stories

  17. Murphys gun laws working great!

  18. Another lame attempt to disarm the American public.

  19. Another day, and another drill pushed as real! When will the sheeple awake from the matrix?

  20. Jews always pushing for gun control while wanting guns rights for themselves in israel… hmmmm

  21. Police says the place it self (Thw Kosher market) was the target. Selling what? girls or just drugs? Sounds oddd.. but i guess we will have a 'full investigation' by the fbi papers released in 2066

  22. Here is an idea, let's take away guns from everyone, except the bad guys of course. This way more defenseless people can die.

    Gotta love NY, NJ, Chicago, California Stupid Gun laws that leave the Sheep's " Good Standing Hard Working Citizens " open for wolves attacks, "The Criminals"

    Now wonder all these big cities have so many Murders, robberies, rape, assaults, etc.

    Would you feel better to hear the cops caught the person that killed your loved one, or would you feel better to hear your loved one is alive and well, because they were able to defend themselves and now the bad guys is dead. Seriously, which scenario sounds better to you?

    Don't let these Politicians brain wash you, the same ones that have body guards with AR-15 rifles and high powered weapons, yet aren't at risk of serious crime on our city streets an then have the nerve to take away our second amendment rights.

    Ohh, wait some of you rather call the police to deal with it? That's right, I forgot we all carry cell phones now a'days, the rapist or Murderer and even the Robber will give you a time out so you can make your call.

    Wake up City People. Law Enforcements only obligation is to generate revenue for their bosses, the Governor, City Mayor and City officials.. Courts have already ruled that police have no obligation to save your lives, their only obligation is to make sure the law is upheld. Nothing more.

    Wake up Sheep's, I am from NYC born and raised in Brooklyn, I am still here in Brooklyn, Police can't stop Criminals in the commission of a crime 99.999% of the time. What do we need them for? So they can take our hard earned money, "Fines" Jail us and cost us thousands In legal fees? If they don't make false arrests, give out fines they will be out of jobs, So want do you think they are going to do?

  23. English brexitard jealous slobs are soon joining your heaven 😉

  24. 美國的內需產業.創造就業更讓庶民有免費的電影可看

  25. another jewish shooting hoax to disarm the goi.aym (had to do that because of ai the lds read backwards deletes truth comments about the js) Park.land Sany Ho.ax etc. all discredit moss.ad and zi.o occupied gov operations no evidence of any reality.

  26. these are not news , these is daily routine in the USA

  27. I live down the block from here to me this story seems staged something is fishy

  28. Juden psyop. Never give up your second amendment rights

  29. some people need common sense

  30. In a Hasidic Jew neighborhood. Watch the media say something about Jews being the victim like always

  31. Cops talking about so what's type of donut are we having today after this

  32. I forgot to say that the shooters were mentally disturbed not *terrorists

  33. This is a drill, only a drill. Sorry attempt to justify militarizing peace officers and the thin blue line they walk upon.

  34. Make sure you focus on this…..

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