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Banana Art Piece Fetches Staggering Amount Of Money At Miami’s Art Basel | NBC Nightly News

The Maurizio Cattelan art piece — a banana duct-taped to a wall — sold for $120,000.
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Banana Art Piece Fetches Staggering Amount Of Money At Miami’s Art Basel | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I dont understand? Is there more than just the banana and tape? Why would someone not just copy this rather than purchasing it?

  2. Just hipocrysy; i duct taped my mother in law to the wall and the police said is not art.

  3. Everyone gangsta till you buy a prank someone did in a museum

  4. Definitely money laundering going on

  5. Its based on the angle of the banana and the size of the duck tape their for if the banana rots then yes it lowers in price

  6. But the real question is……………………………was it organic?

  7. Thank for stopping stupidity

  8. I taped an eaten banana on my car ! Nothing Like moving art

    I don’t agree you have to get paid to be an 👩‍🎨 art is life, life is art! let the bids begin though lol 😂

  9. America, stoop to the lowest common denominator.

  10. I sell oranges for Xmas using masking tape

  11. Art Basel 😂😂😂 …pfff absurd and without talent

  12. This is ridiculous this is not art the guy who came up with this is absolutely gone bananas with amount of £ 98000 come on people look at this is basically a banana with duck tape on the wall

  13. Well it was eaten, so I hope they get their refund.

  14. What your looking at is money laundering 😂 pay your taxes people!

  15. Someone just ate that banana right in front of a room full of artists!

  16. Hmmmmmmm Arrrrrrt – By Homer Simpson

  17. Where's Rembrandt when you need him ?

  18. Look at all these dumb sheep taking a picture with a banana ! Like its 1 of a kind.

  19. It's the total collapse of the society…

  20. Dislike…. abusive……. poor people…… super sad

  21. Super lamentable…. y yo con una vida de mierda desde que naci…. encima el dia de mañana morire pobre solo y en la calle que asco los artistas e influencers estos de moda… super estupido e inutiles

  22. it's segments like this where you as a reporter have the time to shine with your pun magic

  23. The guy Harry that did this piece needs to get an electrical shock device that hits him whenever he uses a pun. I just picture him using puns every waking moment of his life and then it becomes a problem. Like having it destroy his ability to function in society, his wife and family abandon him, eventually going insane and dramatically ending it all right after saying some cheesy end of 80s epic action film type… you guessed it. Pun.

  24. OMG ‘ does that mean we are now going to be exposed to another round of banana Rama songs once this gets out 😱 for F…ks sake please no

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