Barr Calls Pensacola Naval Base Shooting An ‘Act Of Terrorism’ | NBC News

Attorney General William Barr revealed investigation details into the fatal Pensacola naval base attack by a Saudi national that left three dead.
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Barr Calls Pensacola Naval Base Shooting An ‘Act Of Terrorism’ | NBC News


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  1. I think Apple needs to be brought up on charges of corroborating with the foreign enemies also everybody in America should boycott Apple products.

  2. Barr is too busy trying to protect this administrations crimes and 'grey zones', that they completely dropped the ball on what really counts..RIP, Americans that were caught in the fray.

  3. A $5,000B bleedout, 26 intel agency, world-devouring Mil.Gov is the 'act of terror' here.
    We talk about the Dem 'Soft Coup' attempt against Trump, but the REALCoup was in 1999 with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Bankster Stampede, under Gingrich's Contract on American Workers.
    9/11 was their Hard Coup, the best kind, where you think it's your Patriotic Duty to go die in the Great Sandbox for their New Levant. Then comes the 2008 Sucking Sound, with TARP TBTF, then QE1, 2,3,4,… n, until by about 2024, Red or Blue, their 'National Debt' will exceed all our US Worker Wealth.
    Then the bail-in's and Compulsory Austerity Program begins. "Pull it!" Dan-O!

  4. Lord be with America in these days . AMEN

  5. AG Barr’s priorities are all askew. Here he is traveling the world chasing butterflies at trump’s behest when his focus should be on investigating McConnell (and his wife) for corruption.. At some point McConnell must have his day in court.

  6. Don’t trust Sycophantic Barr

  7. Sorry folks Nixon tied the dollar to Saudi Oil, they own us, just like Israel does, that’s why we attack Iran, to keep Israel and Saudi Arabia’s, Royal Saud family happy. The Royal Saud family, family with a country named after them. We have been torturing Iran since 1953, is it any wonder that Iranian’s hate us.
    Don’t do it Apple. Don’t give away our privacy.

  8. While #WonderfullyHungry, I simply wish fellow humans would stop being #hangry (aka #TerriblyHungry) so that they'd also be able to stop misbehaving terribly; terrorizing others including themselves.

  9. Apple should help or prison time or public hanging

  10. All military personnel should carryon all bases and off they have the training


  12. We want access to everything, everywhere. Your whispered words from 1993 should be made available to us if that were possible. We have justifiable need to know what is in every citizen’s underwear drawer. Hm…

    maybe citizen is the operative word here. Legal aliens could be subject to different privacy laws than citizens…maybe? Possession of an “unbreakable” digital device could be a violation of their restriction on being here. Just people from certain countries even. It gets kind of sticky quickly.

    This is a troublesome issue for me. I do support law enforcement and if others were involved in this act I would like them to be prosecuted. I also believe we have a right to have things, say things, and think things that are our own…exclusively, or shared only with whoever WE choose.

    Is it possible Apple may have left no back door into these devices on purpose to protect the device from hackers or protect the company from liability in just such a situation as this? Can they be required by law enforcement to write a black door into future OS updates? If so, could such a law (and backdoor) cause unintended exposure of our data and further erosion of everyone’s rights to privacy? AG Barr seems to imply they are simply refusing to help and I believe a similar situation a year or so ago was presented the same way. I don’t think I like where this is going.

  13. Terrorism isnt an excuse to take my privacy. I don’t want apple to “help”

  14. You think they were dumb enough to shoot at us no they hit fault lines and now there a volcano erupting? Military warfare will be the end of the world

  15. Barr is the greatest attorney general this country has seen.

  16. Who cares what barr has to say anyway he is just an Epstein apologist.

  17. He just wants to invade our privacy

  18. Living in a Military city in Texas and coming from a Military family I can tell you Saudi pilots have been trained on US Bases for over 40 years. In those 40 years I have not heard of many incidents like this taking place. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important and vital geographic allies on that side of the world. We have had Military bases there for many many years.

  19. Ohhhh, so this is about the Trump administration getting access to our private phones. Can we say Edward Snowden? NSA spying? Gosh, are we going to go through this again?

  20. Hey!!? Didn't I watch this exact same movie not too long ago, under a different name??!? Anyone got that DVD? Stars William Barr,with Forrest Trump in supporting role.

  21. You tube it dawg, anyone can unlock a phone, cmon man

  22. September 11 of this year?


  24. I hate bias NBC but I like bar so I'll give it a like for him

  25. It took them this long too figure this out and you says our past leadership have a problem on intelligence,,what really going on

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