Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Full highlights from Saturday night’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Bristol.

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Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. What did you think about Denny Hamlin
    's victory?

  2. These little tracks are so small, they should be racing go-carts here.

  3. I hated the sponsor for this race. Very bad time to call it the NRA night race with all the heat they've been taking with all of these mass shootings lately.

  4. Did Nascar ban AR15 ads?…ask Gillette how stupid works.

  5. Matty d ends up in the 38 next year with reagan retireing

  6. I wonder if the caution would come out every time someone scratched a little bit in the 1990s. I feel that cautions didnt come out that easily

  7. I only disliked the video because Matty D didn't win. We want him. Give him a ride!

  8. Oh dang numbit contact on lap one into the wall and the entire field into pit row. Worst so called race series on the planet.

  9. That was a fist fight ! Nice Job Denny !

  10. Truex Jr ele precisa conquistar a quinta Vitória

  11. God Denny sucks hard should have been Dburrito the people's champ

  12. When will the full race be posted

  13. How can I get back into nascar when you have stupid stage racing?

  14. A black #3 should not be racing.

  15. No info on laps, leaderboard… Cant follow race process like this

  16. Here's another I don't understand fact . The teams in NASCAR spend a lot of money and aerodynamics . And of course much more money and engines that can last a long time . So when somebody wins . They burn the tires on the car till it destroys the body . And the engine overheats to where it's no good . Now am I the only one that thinks it doesn't make sense .

  17. Here is for all you intelligent people the don't know what I'm talking about

  18. 52 Came down And Hit The 12.

  19. Congrats to Denny and his team. The best man won the race and he deserves the win.

  20. Did I miss any comments in either broadcast (especially MEC) about how many rf tires went down? I watched both. Haven’t watched any NASCAR in a long time, but this wasn’t RIR. Big WTG to 11 team for coming back from laps down – not easy ever, especially at this level.

  21. Don't show Ryan Newman getting into Matty D's nose and ruining his chances of racing the 11?

  22. Did anyone else notice that Kyle Larson almost spun out Kyle Bush? 0:57

  23. Another good points day for old seben time 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍💅💅💅💅💅

  24. Love the effort by Matt. But Denny making a strong case for top 4 finalist. Many don't like to hear it. I don't like to admit it. But gotta give credit to a hot driver where it's due even though Harvick is my man. Wonder what's gonna happen in next few weeks here when the playoffs begin. I would like to see Larson or Jimmy get a win before it begins.

  25. Rigged how funny is it that Hamlin has the best year of his career and JD Gibbs dies storybook and he won the Daytona after JD Gibbs dies also Joe Gibb's in a hole has the career as will I going to lmfao if Hamlin win the championship

  26. Good race till Hamlin won

  27. I got to give it to Denny Hamlin, he had a few chances to be dirty and Take the Lead but he didn't take them! Hats off to him for that! I wanted to go by Matt DiBenedetto shirt after that race but I did not want it to say #95. I think NASCAR would be more successful if they ran the Bristol race five or six times a year! It never disappoints.

  28. Felt so bad for Matt. Might have won if that idiot Newman would have got out of his way!

  29. Does anyone realize that Kyle Larson won stage 1

  30. Geez how many times do they need to show a spin or wreck. Show once then move on

  31. Where Ross NASCAR’s gift to racing in 2019? Ten laps down.

  32. why do the flash bulbs going off in the stands are going off in the same places, to long and look fake?

  33. You guys must be joking Matt D hahaha he will never win a race he’s a field filler Hahahaha what a joke

  34. Why do they even use this track? the cars are just about idolling all the way around!

  35. Some of the best high lights… Missed the race, but now I've seen the most important view's of this news team and what I wanted to see…great job.

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