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  1. I am loving these daily videos. I put it on while i work. Listening to your soothing voice makes my work so much more pleasent and i get interesting information as a bonus. Keep up the great work!

  2. Since you said you enjoyed Buzzfeed Unsolved, here is some great podcast recommendations that cover both unsolved and solved murders and mysteries! Hope you enjoy.
    Podcast Recommendations:
    • Dark Poutine
    • Mile Higher Podcast
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    • Canadian True Crime

  3. Thank you for all the lovely videos lately. Watching these is getting me through lockdown! Xx

  4. Please watch out for the ingredients used in most of the beauty brands you mentioned, Josie. Especially, the luxury brands. A lot of them tend have harmful ingredients in them, that can have long lasting effects in regard to cancer, allergies and immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, etc. Defiantly checkout the EWG: Skin Deep Data Base to see the ratings of each ingredient used in a product or the rating of the product itself (if provided).

  5. Please do a shoe declutter video

  6. You need at least of 50 faces. Send to your you-tubers we will take them!

  7. Great job Josie! I don’t have many beauty products but I love watching decluttering videos! So satisfying. 💖

  8. Love the lip colour you're wearing at the beginning!
    I need to try Gucci Bloom. Are you a fan of any of the Jo Malone fragrances?

  9. Very beautiful looking as always, even in Pyjamas 😘 I am also self-isolating and productive in clearing out stuff.. How come that there is ALWAYS more to clear out? Like a Sisyphus task

  10. On today's episode of Josie's adventures in self-isolation…

  11. Josie what do you use to style your hair like it was at the start of the video? I have decided for the whole of the lockdown to avoid my GHDs as they are causing so much damage. But now it's all flicky. I dry my hair upside down as well so need to learn how to blow dry like this!

  12. Use what you love on a daily basis and give the new ones away right away.

  13. love from Poland , I love your movies, and makeup is my passion, I will gladly take in all used products that you haven't finished and you don't know what to do with them or want to do. Best regards from Poland. A lot of health in these strange times. Maryzuzia@o2.pl

  14. love your decluttering videos💓💓

  15. Just love a decluttering vlog❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Thank you Josie…..for creating content for all of us to enjoy!!! Fabulous as always and very much appreciated!! xx

  17. You picked up a dry dior eyeshadow and said you had it before you were blogger. So you decided to put it back inside the draw….. thought it was a declutter video…

  18. Hi, dear Josie ! You're gorgeous, pyjamas or not !
    I watch and like, though beauty products are not my thing (i'm only into skincare 🤷🏻‍♀️ mostly because my patience and make up skills are very poor ! 😅) and while I was half listening I finally pointed out your likeness with Tippi Hedren ! I mean, I'm sure you've been told that a thousand time, but voilà ! Once you've noticed it, you can't unsee it ! 😘

  19. I guess being an influencer can bring these kind of bittersweet moments lol provided with so much lovely products, you can never use them all.

  20. I had my after lunch coffee while watching your decluttering video! Now I'm off to do my refrigerator and kitchen 🥴. Thanks for the motivation 💖. Have a wonderful evening!

  21. You miss a piano like mine from 1900 , unique museum value diploma – Paris – You can buy all all this make for 100 pounds …….Maybe little less . I have a light bulb to give you for the mirror .

  22. I admire your work ethic during this time, it can‘t be easy to upload a video of this quality everyday <<3

  23. Josie, can you tell us which self tanner products you use for face and body or do you go to a spray salon?

  24. I thought my makeup collection was big but wow😯 I’m jealous 😂😂

  25. I love how genuine your heart is Josie!!💗 You are beautiful inside and out✨

  26. That is so satisfying to watch! <3

  27. Hi Josie, could you post your what you are wearing on your lips in all video's going forward? This video has inspired me. Thanks!

  28. Josie please do a shoe declutter 💕✨

  29. I love decluttering videos it makes my brain feel more organized for whatever reason. Have a lovely day!

  30. I really hope you hit 500K subscribers during this period of self-isolation as your content is the only thing that’s been keeping me going. Xxx

  31. Where did you get your pajamas, they're darling! Are they silk from Lunya or somewhere else?

  32. You really inspire me to do the same especially with my clothes but then as we are all on a lockdown idk what to do will all the clothes? Bc right before the lockdown I decluttered my books and I still have the pile of books to give away in my room lol so I’m at the same spot as before 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  33. Do the giveaway plz with ur not used makeup n skincare plz

  34. I am a huge lip balm fan too, I would love to know your top recommendations- love something in a light pink! Am really enjoying all your quarantine videos! X

  35. You are so adorable – even in your pajamas!

  36. Decluttering the house, the wardrobes & the make up drawers will make you feel free & better 😘

  37. It’s so hard to be so ruthless downsizing products isn’t it? I really struggle to party with some favs. Well done for rehoming some. 👏🏽

  38. Always such an inspiration 💗💗💗

  39. I'm always impressed and in awe with the amount of things you have and use, it's amazing! My skin is super sensitive and acne-prone so I cannot use nearly as much products, but your advice and tips on the good pieces really helped me in the past! So thank you!

  40. I loooove those declutter videos!!!

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