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Behind our investigation into Reno’s strip clubs: Part 2 | The City S2

Go behind the scenes of our investigation of the “Old Reno” jobs inside the city’s strip clubs, and the factory jobs fueling “New Reno.” Reporter Anjeanette Damon shares behind-the-scenes insight and analysis of Episodes 4 and 5 of The City.

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  1. Yeah but Tesla will fire you in a heart beat for small things if you are a contractor. They have a HIGH turn out rate.

  2. If the plant is that big there should be more gas stations more stores, hardware stores, home builders, plumbers, mechanics, etc. To think there’s just Tesla and strip clubs with 12,000 added jobs doesn’t make sense. They started building the plant in 2014 and there’s zero additional infrastructure built with it?

  3. Reno is so pure!!! strippers homeless or anyone not meeting a certain standard of quality are in trouble of a double standard my dogs better than your dog because he eats kenelrashin? should we surounded the whale and Be-Lie-Ve? just sayin!

  4. Get a better job, you just want easy money.

  5. Beautiful story ❤️❣️

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  7. This is a wonderful podcast, and as a new resident of Reno having moved from Austin, Texas – it's very interesting to see a lot of the same things taking place here as far as the growth of the city.

  8. Clean up our city and ban the strip clubs!

  9. Let's see some action, baby!

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