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Ben Shapiro Is A Little Man With BIG Ideas

Ben Shapiro Is A Little Man With BIG Ideas

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Ben Shapiro is hot garbage. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Mona Shaikh, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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Ben Shapiro: ‘Left-wing anti-Semitism’ is more dangerous than violent white supremacists

“Ben Shapiro, the right-wing wunderkind who was infamously anointed as “the cool kid’s philosopher” by the New York Times in a take that has not aged well, is back to his biggest passion: Giving speeches on college campuses to own the libs.

Shapiro, who claims to be five-foot-nine, ran through his latest performative desecration of progressive strawmen at the University of Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

There was a hint of some new flavor, however. During his otherwise standard diatribe on facts not caring about feelings, Shapiro made a surprising admission regarding what he viewed as the biggest threat to Jewish people.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Mona Shaikh

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Mona Shaikh


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  1. Triggered Benfirmation Biased Comments

  2. Cenk is an moronic Armenian genocide denier. Anna is his bitch.

  3. And Chunk Yogurt is a fat man with little ideas.

  4. Ben Shapiro has the IQ of the TYT crew combined

  5. 1 white supremacist kills Jewish people blame whole white race, 1 black man shoots cops the cops deserved it….this is how people think these days

  6. STFU shapiro you worthless prick constantly pissing and whining about the plight of your F up religion. You make your money by attacking women and lgbtq and who else? You are sleeping with trump and he is a bitch for russia and they are an enemy against your precious religion, ditch the beanie hat you turd and get a real job like honest people do and stop believing in sky ferries.

  7. I wonder how these people are still relevant

  8. This is unimportant but it's University of Pittsburgh not Pittsburgh University. Sorry Anna.

  9. Ben Shapiro DESTROYS TYT without even being there.


  10. YOUR ALL OLD UGLY ASS WHINERS WHO SHIT EVERYDAY YOUR NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE . “ the young Turks “ how about the old Terris

  11. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Linda Sarsour

  12. Shapiro's voice is just really annoying.

  13. You guys suck shit. I can’t wait until you’re all gone.

  14. Wait what is 11 divided by 325 million oh it’s a really small number. Wow math is amazing.

  15. They take a 5 second clip and make a 4 minute video out of it. Ben is more intelligent than all 3 of these geese.

  16. I wish Ben was on here to debate and destroy Chunk… AGAIN

  17. Jewish Zionists are extremely islamophobic.


  19. They don't have the mental capacity to understand what Ben is saying..

  20. Cenk – Ben Shapiro exposed you for the mental midget you are. Don't bite off more than even you can chew.

  21. Seems like one turd in particular, in the toilet bowl that is The Young Turds, is still bitching about the fact he got demolished in a debate with a Ben Shapiro over a year ago.

  22. Yup, doesn't matter how fast you say it, stupid is stupid.

  23. So a Muslim (cenk) is telling a Jewish man (Ben Shapiro) what is anti-semitic. Amazing.

  24. Stop complaining Cenk you are a garbage debater with garbage ideas.

  25. Grow up Cenk
    You become more immature by the day

  26. Linda Sarsour is a leftist connected to radical jihadists.

  27. If you actually watch the debate they had ben repeatedly mopped the floor with this cenk hack. This video is pathetic

  28. Name one leftist with connections to radical jihadists? Linda Sarsour

  29. Who would sit and listen to Ben Shapiro

  30. chenk always acts like a child after getting his ass kicked in a debate. 1st Sam Harris and now Ben Shapiro

    Sam Harris > tyt

    Ben Shapiro > tyt

  31. I dont care, honestly, about white supremacists, Islamic supremacists, black supremacists, because they all suck, but when she brings up the white supremacist killing people in a synagogue and acts like that null and voids his statement, I can't help but laugh. I'm trying to figure out how many people Islamic radicalists have killed vs white supremacists in our common era… let's talk about that if you want to try to argue about something.

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