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Ben Shapiro Says THIS Conservative Sounds Like Bernie Sanders

Ben Shapiro Says THIS Conservative Sounds Like Bernie Sanders

Ana Kasparian breaks down Ben Shapiro’s accusation against a very prominent conservative pundit on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UCSnFkX-bCQG8Dyj7LlzICHQ

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  1. Lol so now your network is literally putting Ben's name in your videos just to get more clicks

  2. Ben is way smarter then anna. No competition.

  3. The 'right' is always so brittle and inflexible that this truly is a head scratcher but
    the people posting the incoherent mind numbing comments critical of TYT in this section are obviously in shock.

  4. It’s official. Ana is obsessed with Ben Shapiro.

  5. Wow… the shock when TYT realise that people are capable of having a complex multitude of different thoughts and opinions, and don't all blindly subscribing to a single cohesive narrative.

  6. Tucker used his free tyt membership…

  7. Shapiro is a neocon zionist.

  8. Tucker is the man. It's time progressives and nationalist unit.

  9. Tucker is more like Steve Bannon.

  10. Ana agreeing with Tucker I guess that makes her a white supremacist?
    Democrats are the side of corporations look how many of them are happy that companies are stamping on freedom of speech.

  11. Tucker is a free thinker. He isn’t put into chains by the label of republican or Democrat. Y’all should take note

  12. Don’t let it drive you crazy Ana. It’s a common misconception, and it’s not on purpose. People will get it right. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I will say though, that I still believe that it all comes back to the fiat dollar, which prevents us from practicing free market capitalism and/or free market syndicalism (for those, like myself, who like worker cooperatives and consumer cooperatives; mix it up 👍).

  13. Why does Ben Shapiro sound like Eddie Deezen with his balls slightly dropped?

  14. Rich people WILL INVEST IN THEIR COMPANIES. Because that will be the best use of their company's net income, as opposed to massive salaries for themselves.

  15. Conservative are different in their thoughts……there's no "everyone thinks alike" in conservatism….ppl really do think differently on every issue

  16. If rich people won't have the money to go to restaurants and remodel their homes, why call them rich? Maybe that homeless guy lying on a park bench is a very rich person who can't afford a home.

  17. So is this fake news right people Trump supporters. Socialism communism same things you were screaming when other people said this. Cuz he's a socialist fake news communist now to.

  18. It's still a typical reactionary position. I don't even think is so distant from Dugin or Alain de Benoist. They focus on the idea that uncontrolled global capitalism destroys cultures: Carlson even in this video is talking about the role of man. In another one he was talking about families. The critique of a certain kind of left wing politics (probably they refer to it as cultural marxism) considers the family as the reproduction of the capitalist model. But religion and family could be strong institutions and an impediment to the development of a globalistic unrestrained capital. The left wing of this kind of movements (sometimes defined as red_brown) is the proposal to develop a communitaristic (not communist) society. I don't think Ana is Wrong about Amazon but is not specifically about thinking Bezos is a liberal. More about thinking this will erase a certain kind of culture. And we should consider that the peculiaritiy of the Silicon Valley model is that in this case capitalism shows the ability of the system to absorb the critiques of the left regarding the organization of labour, and transform them in a even more inhuman process of wealth extraction in which the individual is alone, no family, no strong beliefs like religion, class consciousness, mass political parties, unions. And the masses were coopted into the way of thinking of tge élites.

  19. When you're the heir to a fortune, Tucker can afford to flip flop all over the place and not worry about his "career".

  20. well seeing as more ppl are wanting more liberal policies and starting to realizes u can have capitalism  and social programs (gee who knew) at the same time he wants in on the change to secure his position .

  21. Ana is so incredibly sexy yet I have so much disdain for her as a human being. I've never wanted so badly to have sex with someone who I despise so much.

  22. The problem is not what he is saying, the problem is from what position he says it. This is a common Socialist position, but also a National Socialist position. He is literally dog whistling.

  23. How awesome would it be if it’s just a progressive writing the telecom and Tuck has no idea what he is really saying.

  24. When xenophobes, like Tucker, and racists start taking a populist economic approach, that is when you always have to be careful and worried. Almost always do they incorporate their bigotry into their economics and win over just as much support as those on the left who have a populist economic agenda.

  25. Forcing someone to give up 70 percent on everything they make just because they made over 10 million is still theft and immoral. Just because the person you are taking it from has more doesn’t mean it’s right or ethical in any way.

  26. He knows what he is doing! He saying what people want to hear! The usual fox news.

  27. Does anyone really even watch this garbage?

  28. Ana finally figured out putting "Ben Shapiro" on a title increases views.

  29. I'm down with Woke Tucker Carlson.

  30. Tucker Carlson is a complete manipulative bastard. The Koch brothers also adopt progressive lingo for their brainwashing tactics . If Tucker tells U he wants to save the whales expect his ass to drop hand grenades on them

  31. From now on tyt should just stand back and let conservatives discuss ideas.

  32. “Worth listening to some of the points because I might agree with them but if he says something I don’t agree with I don’t listen”- the young Turks

  33. The Young Turks rail against rich people but then took a investment from a rich person for their show to even exist smh such hypocrites

  34. the only reason Cuck Carlson is critiquing economic policy is because white poverty is on the rise. when it was confined to non-whites, it was OK.

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