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Bernie Sanders addresses coronavirus crisis (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Coronavirus fears have prompted organizers of the Democratic debate in Phoenix to cancel the planned head-to-head event in Arizona, and will instead hold it at a studio in Washington, D.C., CNN and the Democratic National Committee announced Thursday.

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  1. This is a genuine presidential address. If y’all in the States don’t vote this guy in, you fucked up.

  2. Democrat socialist ass-hole!!!🇺🇸😡🖕

  3. So a socialist that hasn't had a fulltime job until his 40s is gonna adresss me and other healthcare workers on his used car sales pitch? Lol

    Sorry. not buying it. Go back to one of your 3 homes and try again in 4 years .

  4. We love you Bernie!!
    You're a good honest caring man!! You have always had my vote!! 💯💞

  5. He laid out very logical and clear plans for this crisis.

  6. For those people that just talk about Venezuela and Cuba to refer a socialist country. Here is the list.
    There are democratic socialist parties located all around the world. The nations that have socialist parties include:

    Of these nations, the countries that have a socialist party that serves as a governing party are:

    Northern Ireland

  7. I love you Bernie Sanders

  8. You're not the President and we don't need a Fascist addressing the nation. GO TO CUBA WHERE YOU BELONG SANDERS!

  9. If you want to sit on your ass and get everything for free, he's your man. Let everyone else pay your bills.

  10. There is zero chance this ends well

  11. He’s the only candidate for the people. Bernie or bust!!!

  12. You can say whatever u want dude your NOT the president your NOT the one making the hard decisions and there haven’t been many presidents that have had to do what trump has to go through and frankly I think he’s doing amazing considering what he’s going through

  13. Thanks Bernie. Your the best.

  14. Soviet Sanders is feeling the Burn!

  15. Go back to sleep Bernie.

  16. Bernie, it's not just the equipment, it takes highly trained people to properly use them.

  17. Thank you so very much for your leadership Senator Sanders. I can't tell you how sorry I am that the nomination seems to have been stolen from you and the American people during Super Tuesday. Many believe the exit polls were well outside the margin of error and that you/we actually won a number of states where the elections were rigged. You seem to accept these reports with a grain of salt but it's very difficult for many of us to accept. We need you in the Whitehouse so very much. Although it seems unlikely now, that you will reach the oval office where you belong, I haven't given up. However, if it doesnt happen at least you have given this nation a path to follow towards a humane society. Thank you again for your thoughtful recommendations to assist all of us, as so many of us face this pandemic without healthcare, loaded down with student debt that brought no degree, and with minimal resources. MedicareforAll.

  18. All these great ideas Bernie!…I have a stupid question….who's gonna pay for all this shit?

  19. You're not the president and never will be, nobody cares what you say except college kids who don't want to pay back their loans.

  20. Please, you need to speak up.

  21. Bernie we need a bail out for back taxes for the self employed subcontractors we are scraping money every month and we need to pay taxes we are broke

  22. He's just playing president in his office

  23. Baloney- the socialistic Democrats know full well that Medicare isn't going to pay the bills- the American taxpayers are going to be paying the bills- and that's what they want- they want to suck the life out of the American people, using any crisis that they can. These people are anti-constitutional.

  24. Bernie getting beat by a man with dementia.

  25. Bernie liberal sugar daddy

  26. To prevent and control the new coronavirus, we should learn from China!!!!!

  27. Everything he said makes sensecand is honest!

  28. We are doomed. Тhe coronavirus is the first rider of Apocalypse.

    Тhe Revelation 6:2" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a b0w, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest."

    Тhe coronavirus literally means the virus with crown.

    And the White horse is something gives the rider speed makes it happen quickly. Like airplane or Cruise ship. Check their color. White!

  29. Lockdown the US. Have volunteers babysit children of healthcare workers, emts, police, firefighters etc. Imperial College London has predicted that 2.2 million Americans could die in this pandemic. Trump's cuts and inaction are going to be devastating.

  30. Hey shitdick, you keep on losing state after state. Go back to Cuban ya cocksucking maggot.

  31. Dear Bernie, here in Miami we are fighting over picadillo at sédanos

  32. Damn, that's a nice office !


  34. The elections are manipulated and from my point of view (Germany) I recommend calling out for the UN to have an eye them.

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