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Bernie Sanders Announces Sweeping Climate Change Plan | NBC News Now

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a rally in California on climate change, unveiling a bold new plan. NBC News’ Shaquille Brewster reports.
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Bernie Sanders Announces Sweeping Climate Change Plan | NBC News Now


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  1. Hey Burnie, it was the coolest summer in my life in Southern California, now a snowstorm in Midwest today… but what happened to Al Gores prediction of melting from GLOBAL WARMING? Many cities should ALREADY be UNDERWATER you DOLT. Go get a job you dusty ol’ commie bum POS🗳💵🐀

  2. More dislikes then likes, freaking morons.

    Pentagon just released 2019 report U.S. Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change, Report Commissioned By Pentagon Says

    The report says a combination of global starvation, war, disease, drought, and a fragile power grid could have cascading, devastating effects.


  3. How did we pay for the $23 trillion the Pentagon lost track of? Find that out first, before asking where the $16 trillion to not die off will come from. Green New Deal or no deal.

  4. How can you care about the environment and support illegal immigration look at California

  5. The Earth is doing just fine. It's the left wing people that are Mentally deranged. They are like a bunch of kids yelling "the sky is falling".

  6. Bernie will turn this country into Cuba.

  7. DNC know they cannot win with crazy Bernie. Hillary comming back.

  8. Spend all your money. Put you on the Marxist reservation. Free housing food. Drink and dope

  9. The Democrat's climate change agenda has nothing to do with the climate whatsoever. It's all about gaining total control of the government and total control of every aspect of our lives.

  10. One idea i have: scoop up sand from ocean Shorelines of Americas, cement into walls, little hill at a time.
    Sand up on shore = more room for water

  11. 👎NBC coverage on BERNIE!!! I wish News wasn't bought and paid for to report trash! Time to CLEAN UP CORRUPTION ALONG WITH OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET!

  12. This guy Sanders wants to give away 80% of the US economy to fight a PLANET and he is STILL a candidate for anything but an asylum?? Don Quixote was deemed crazy for tilting on a windmill. F these clowns… seriously… who believes this crap? What debate should be next? Sunrise?

  13. They don’t want Bernie to win cuz he the only one that makes sense

  14. White privileged, 1%er , Bernie Sanders flying around in a private jet, lecturing people about lowering their carbon footprint. Laughable.

  15. The Democrats are throwing away the election to Trump, on purpose.
    They can't let any of these socialists become president, the party moved too far left and they need to temper that.

  16. The earth's climate is continually changing. Humans need to reduce consumption and reduce environmental impact. BUT C02 is a trace gas in the atmosphere, 0.04%. Of that 0.04% 97% is produced by nature, 3% of 0.04% produced by human activity. This is the biggest excuse to tax us, start taxing nature as the greatest producer?
    The earth's climate is continually changing, 10000 years ago the UK was under hundreds of feet of ice, 7000 years ago humans were living on what is now the bed of the North sea, 4000 years ago trees were growing in Greenland, 2000 years ago the Romans were growing grapes for wine in Northumberland! Humans have no control over the earth's climate. The big ball of burning gas known as the sun determines the earth's climate. Humans can only adapt to the earth's climate, as they always have. To think that humans can control or influence the earth's climate is either madness or arrogance!

  17. Fixing climate change is going to cause money and lots of it. Who is going to have to pay for this world saving project? Ah, the American taxpayer. Do you think the millionaire democrat candidates will feel the pinch of higher taxes, like the rest of us will? Nope, not a bit. Go ahead you democrat suckers, vote these morons in. You’ll wake up and see what a disaster you voted for. God help us all.

  18. You will NEVER be able to live in cities, or anywhere in a home with more than one story, using wind power or solar.
    The energy that is needed to LIFT water from one treatment tank to another is the Sewage Treatment Plants, to clean that water, and to pump it back to homes,
    and then UP UP UP to the higher floors in all the condos and apartment buildings, hotels, and homes with more than ONE story, needs the kind of energy produced by using
    Fossil Fuels, or Nuclear Power.
    So have fun moving those MILLIONS of people away from the cities, which would be abandoned Ghost Towns, and spread all those millions across lands that we now use for
    farming and ranching.
    Everyone will starve.
    No clean water, no water at all=DEATH.
    So have FUN Bernie and AOC delusional nut jobs!

  19. An infrastructure plan, how terrible! Lmao an infrastructure plan is something Republicans and Democrats can never come up with.

  20. There is something far more thats going on in regards to this climate change fiasco, and it has nothing to do with mankinds interference! Global Climate Change is a natural occuring event! And despite what the globalist socialists say? there's nothing they can do that can stop it! The main reason why the glaciers are melting , is because of all the underwater volcanoes that are becoming more active! The evidence is the many reports of floating pumice islands springing up! And as for the atmosphere? It's complicated , because not that many people are aware of what's going on except NASA, so let's just say….that atmospheric climate change is a cosmic event, because it's not only happening on Earth, it's happening throughout the Solar System!

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