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Bernie Sanders assures his supporters that he's not dropping out

Bernie Sanders holds a press conference.

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  1. He is not dropping out until he gets enough money to do it/

  2. Bernie serious con artist , he would love Cuba

  3. BS, the multimillionaire who used his OWN campaign funds to buy copies of his book and got caught underpaying his own staff, has the temerity to call President Trump a liar, dangerous and corrupt.
    Get lost, Bernie and get ready for Judgement Day, you decrepit evil man.

  4. What's dangerous are the mindless dolts that persist in voting Democrat and ignoring the utter failure of Socialism.

  5. Go back to your mansion grandpa please

  6. 👎👎👎😡😡😡

  7. Sanders is a jihadi who enjoys insulting the elected president of the United States. The democrats should be ashamed to have such garbage leading the fray

  8. Bernie direct same kind of attacks against zionist Biden. You are wrong calling Sleepy Joe your friend. Bernie you are losing, because you are naive and simple minded. You look stupid , when you still call that zionist pig Joe, your friend. Sad. Bernie you are boring. You will lose.

  9. $15 an hour means nothing when those jobs will be replaced by automation!

  10. The citizens of a country have the President they deserve, and unfortunately the People of the USA are repeating history and making a choice that certainly does not go in the direction of the good, the loyal, the just and the generous, in short, of a better World. Trump and Biden are clowns, and it makes me very sad to observe that in the years to come, the US but also the whole world will have to suffer from these manipulative politicians, focused on profit and not the well-being of its citizens. What we are missing (and not only you, People of the USA) is simply a political conscience, independent thinking and a disconnection from the influence of the mass media, which does not set the right values for us in mind. In short, will come what may. Bernie Sanders is the best choice America can make ! Good luck…

  11. My God the rhetoric is so tired

  12. Joe, what are you going to do because the future generations are all progressive

  13. why 15 an hour? They can make more or less depending on what they produce.Only way to to run a business is to know what you people can and will do consistantly. Hourly is welfare usually a very low wage because of high paid management who are incompetant greedy and non producers.Exceptions obviously

  14. Bless our future president. I'm very proud he hasn't stepped outn

  15. HOW many women has BERNIE lived off 🤔👈 HOW many jobs has he had🤔👈 ROMAN CHAPTER 13 SAYS BERNIE is Satan's seed🤔👈 what has BERNIE done for anyone🤔👈

  16. lol joe biden is going to get REKT by trump in the debates hahahahahaha the DNC is a bunch of losers

  17. You forgot Communist Bernie….oh that's right……that is you!

  18. Why doesn't anyone ask Bernie and Joe about their incomes? Both have been in political office for decades and I'm sure that is more than a "pretty penny"….There is healthcare in the public health facilities for children, adults and elderly. Who do you think cares for the poor? Those with TB, AIDS, multiple viruses, OB/GYN, lots of children visit the health department with their parents….it's free, try it.

  19. Bernie, you're Hillary's own Monica Lewinsky 😂

  20. I cannot believe people will vote for this guy. He is an admitted COMMUNIST using progressive (oppressive) policies to gain complete Gov control of people. I think the individual is far better at spending their own earned wages than a corrupt GOV.

  21. Bernie is the most reasonable candidate in a very long time

  22. Such an idiot bashing Trump all the time worked but I think he has to change his tune ,,,,,

  23. Corrupt because he's draining the Swamp and not a lame Commie like you Bernie? You have no power Bernie… you just suck! lol

  24. everything Bernie calls Trump, he is presenting himself. Really to loose against a confused, demented Biden..

  25. Spoken like a true communist Marxist waiting in the wings of deceptive rhetoric and darkness IMPO. May the only true living and wise God hold Bernie back IJN

  26. Lol Bernie you're a communist. Therefore maybe you have no business talking about anybody else especially our president that has done more for Americans in 3 years than you have in 3 decades.

  27. And that's 15 minutes. Buh bye Bernie!

  28. I'd love to see Bernie go off on Biden. If Bernie is to prove that he can take on Trump, he'll have to get dirty on Sunday. Sadly he won't.

  29. I don't see your logic in that Bern trash the president but he's not the one !@#$%^& your campaign it's your buddies🤦‍♂️

  30. Wave bye bye Bernie! Hillary bent you over again! Thank God she did one thing right! Twice! Lol!

  31. This guy is a loony toon. He is like a cartoon character.


  33. Never had a real job in his life

  34. Bernie your just another Nut. Keep talking Crap,you are going to have a heart attack, Foo Foo

  35. Bernie let his supporters down cause he didn't have balls to go at biden. Sorry bernie nice guys finish last in politics

  36. You know, what's the most glaring thing wrong with his stage is the Flag, should be red hammer and sickle!

  37. Bernie will drop out again and get paid big money !!!!!

  38. Can Sanders please go back to Moscow and leave us freedom loving people alone

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