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Bernie Sanders Raises MILLIONS In One Day

Bernie Sanders Raises MILLIONS In One Day

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Bernie Sanders raised a huge amount of money during the first day of his campaign. Cenk Uygur, Steve Hofstetter, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“President Trump’s reelection campaign sent out a fundraising request on Wednesday citing Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) $6 million haul in the first 24 hours after his presidential campaign was announced.

“Socialist Bernie Sanders raised $6 MILLION in 24 HOURS. Now I’m calling on you to CRUSH that number,” Trump’s campaign texted recipients, noting that any donation would be tripled.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Steve Hofstetter

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Steve Hofstetter


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  1. If I am given no viable candidate by any "party", I am writing in Bernie Sanders on my ballot.
    Think how nice it would be if I were not cornered by another Democratic candidate.
    So far I see no viable alternative choice. I will vote for Bernie.

  2. Hey Steve, ageist a-hole, Bernie is not your grandmother.

  3. It will probably end up in Hillary's back pocket just like the last time… lol.

  4. Haha a millionaire socialist gets millions in special funding? He sold out in 2016 and you guys still love him.

  5. Idk why people had such a big problem with the ginger. Cenk and Ana shut him down real quick. It shows that tyt doesn't just invite robots who repeat things without believing them

  6. The modern Democratic Party will never nominate an old white Jewish male.

    Not a hope.

  7. Ron Paul is 83 and still does a YouTube show. Age don’t mean anything if you have the energy and mental acuity.

  8. I donated and I am Italian, living in Italy: please, Americans, stop those corporations and save our planet!

  9. Anyone remember Vote Ficus!?

  10. Young turk roaches want you to support DNC if Bernie gets screwed again. Bernie or staying home is the end all.

  11. That red headed guy is an ageist

  12. "He's mentally sharp" 😂😂😂 please say it again that was a funny joke
    Trump 2020

  13. So let me guess. You all have endorsed and supported Bernie? So much for primaries. Your Chanel is so biased when it comes to Bernie.



  16. Hahaaa…6 MILLION?…in 24 HOURS?…all from private citizens?….all I can say is…BYYYEE KAMALA!!

  17. NPR reported back in 08/17 that fully 12 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters voted for Trump in the general election. The numbers showed that after a bitter Democratic primary, 1 in 10 of those who voted in the primaries for Sanders ended up voting for Trump in the general election, instead of Hillary Clinton. Now that's what I call "an unprecedented grassroots campaign" gone wrong. Bernie supporters need to face facts. They're just the flip version of Trump supporters.

  18. Hey! Konrad Adenauer (1876.1963) was one of the greatest chancellors in post WWII West German history…He presided over the German "economic miracle" of the 1950s. Adenauer became chancellor in 1949 at the age of 73 and served until 1963 when he was 87! And nobody said he was going senile even then. So would it be better to have a young president that was not up to the job…or an old one with the right ideas, like Bernie? Anyway…who says he wants to run for two terms?

  19. From Australia and the rest of the world: America please vote for Bernie for your sake. But also if he doesn't win the candidacy please still go out and vote democrat any democrat is better than trump

  20. Sanders/Gabbard 2020 or I'm out.

  21. Guy on the left: Japanese Prime Minister Kantaro Sukuki began his term at age 77. Don't discourage people from voting from voting for Bernie Sanders due to age because people get discriminated enough these days as it is. If he has a fire rally people why don't you let that manifest and be an example for other Democrats to match? Your line of thinking is why Trump got elected because I can just hear you telling everyone that Trump has no chance due to X, Y, and Z but he did are you were wrong. Who cares if this is when he wants to go down. I why would you even care if he dies in the oval office….you have a VP right? There's nothing wrong with him blazing a trail that that someone could pick the ball up on and keep moving the ball forward.

  22. Why you let that red haired freak on this show?

  23. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, probably what America needs. The US government spends trillions on their military industrial complex but gives a little on free healtcare, free education and subsidized housing.

  24. Malaysian prime minister is 93 years old. Sharp minded. It's not about age.

  25. How can Old Herbert the Pervert even run as a socialist? He's a multi millionaire who owns like 3 mansions that have a huge carbon footprint. You have to be a hypnotized fool if you believe anything he says.

  26. I had 2 grandparents that lived till their mid 80's, one got dementia, the other had to be wheeled around but was as sharp as a tack. Remember we had a president with polio who had a cane and wheelchair. Bernie is more physically active than most politicians.

  27. Here it again. TYT also has a evil pandit like rightwingers

  28. Guys donate to Tulsi too! She needs 65k donors to get onto the debate state! you can just do $1

  29. This guy is vehemently stupid jfc

  30. both parties are a joke, but Bernie supports the people so I support Bernie. I wish the democratic party was more like him.

  31. This new guy is a clown. His main point was that Bernie might develop some type of mental deterioration… I wouldn’t say don’t bring him back on again but if you do just immediately shoot down his vague talking points. Although it’s a small argument he’s providing his perseverance to push that point is telling.

  32. There's so many comments asking for the new guy to 'never be invited again'. Why tho? Because he is saying something that Bernie supporters don't agree with? Its better to hear criticism and learn how to rebutt it, than pretend that it doesnt exist and create an information bubble.

  33. @11:31, those MONTHLY recurring donations will give bernie $72 million in 12 months, not $6 million in a year.

  34. Age-ism! It's what you've done with your mind and body in life. Ever notice nuns stay sharp until the day they die?

  35. All Bernie supporters are low iq and think money grows on trees….very dumb….come to Europe where all public entities are being privatised including medical care….because shit cost money and isn't free….dumb asses.

  36. This guy is not genuine. Trump is president n he is worried about Bernie’s mental health!?!!? Bitch plz…

  37. This guy should never be let on the set again.

  38. Leftists who complain about millionaires just gave a million to a millionaire who has never worked in the private sector, owns 3 houses…………you just bought his 4th house…………….

  39. Don’t invite this guy back

  40. Bernie Sanders loves niggas.

  41. Can we talk about Juan Williams of Fox defending Bernie? lol I'm surprised they didn't cut the damn feed.

  42. the new malaysian prime minister who came in after the worlds biggest financial scandal 1mdb is 93

  43. I know AOC can't be president yet- but could she be named as bernies vice?

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