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Bernie Sanders Slams Reports That He Told Warren A Woman Couldn't Win Presidency | NBC Nightly News

“It is ludicrous to believe that at the same meeting where Elizabeth Warren told me she was going to run for president, I would tell her that a woman couldn’t win,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said. He was responding to new reports that he told Warren a woman couldn’t win in 2020.
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Bernie Sanders Slams Reports That He Told Warren A Woman Couldn’t Win Presidency | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Senator Warren says Bernie told that women are only good for making babies and working strip clubs. I don't believe Bernie said that. Could she have miss-heard what he told her?

  2. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

    Come on Bernie, you're making it worse.

    As for you Elizabeth Warren, you're harping on a distraction.
    Besides that I don't want you as president anyway.
    You screwed up and let Trump easily get the best of you on your Indian (Native American) thing because you pushed hard and you weren't even informed on what you were arguing, and then you got busted in debate for not knowing how you were going to pay for your big social reform plan.
    I know you're an educated woman but your brain just isn't serving you very well too much of the time.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHDsaViTUvo . The truth is in the pudding. Check out the video and then decide who is telling the truth.

  4. Whether he said it or not….he isn't wrong! Of course, Bernie has no shot either, but that's besides the point

  5. Not interested in Bernie nor Warren. But she is clearly a liar POS.

  6. And look, Biden is Still double digits ahead of anyone, so this is nonsense and doesn't really matter.

  7. All this is doing is sinking both their ships. Lots of people have a lot of good will for Sanders. Lots of people have a lot of good will for Warren. But most of all, for a lot of people, Sanders and Warren were both in their top two, and they wanted them to run together. Getting involved in a damaging he-said, she-said is not going to help either of them. The Sanders people are going to point to all the videos where Sanders told women and girls to get into politics, that they can succeed and be President, and then they'll take this as proof and call Warren a liar. The Warren people will call Sanders a liar, and they'll talk about Bernie Bros, etc. Then the women who like Bernie's policies and support him will get mad and say they're being ignored by these narratives. Then the Warren women will say, "I'm with her" and will fight with those women… And ultimately, they'll both lose a lot of support. And THEN, the people who liked them both will be brokenhearted, will throw up their hands, lose their positive energy, and it'll take the wind out of their sails for the whole process. Again, they both lose.
    And for what? Over THIS question? We already know a woman CAN win the election, because one already won the popular vote. What everyone has to be concerned about is that the electoral college seems to like the Bushes and the Trumps over the Dems. The only hope for a Sanders or a Warren is to ride high on all the energy out there from progressive voters, the ones who've kept them riding high for so long. That energy could certainly overwhelm the electoral college, but they're NOT going to be able to do it if they divide their bases like this.

  8. He's right a women as the most powerful person in the world we have not come that far yet

  9. Arguing with a Socialist Democrat is Akin to Arguing with a "Flat Earth'er" So I break it down in terms he/she might hear. "Give a person a Fish you only feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and how to make a pole, that person will feed there family for life." Socialism is akin to giving a handout, a Fish. Capitalism instills dignity in a persons gate and is akin to the Pole and it's usage

  10. Current Affairs does a good job of weighing the accusations here: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/01/the-credibility-gap/

  11. Ugly NBC trying to gin up lies.

  12. Bernie Sanders Asked Elizabeth Warren To Run For President In 2015 and stepped aside for Hillary to run against trump on the last election! this is a low blow against Bernie but there is too much proof to the contrary and it only makes the people carrying to promote this look bad. it shows that they will do anything to try to stop Bernie from wining but it is so obvious that it only makes us like Bernie even more! the establishment is feeling the Bern! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. 💟🥇I Love ALL Life Forever!‼️🏳️‍🌈✝️

  14. why is warren more honorable than sanders?
    because Elizabeth is not owned lock, stock and barrel by the Clinton foundation like (bait and switch triangulation ) Bernie is.

  15. fake news, time to support bernie again!!!!

  16. Warren could not have made her allegiances more clear with her accusations and response.

  17. It would be nice if you are right. but in my experience with working class people from the West is that a man could vote for a woman but not a woman. maybe is envy for a life of empowerment and liberation they see in HRC or Warren, maybe is ideology.

  18. Warren is disgusting and a bold faced liar who needs to drop out now. I'll be donating more money to Bernie's campaign. No one is fooled by her desperation. LOSER!!!!!!! Drop out now!!!!!

  19. Comments filled with Bernie boi bs. Bernie struck first. He has always had a misogyny bent. He said that to her in an effort to discourage her from running. He sent his ppl out with scripts to bar mouth her. He was afraid she would be competition. Just like Biden laughing at her at the credit card hearing. At any rate he or another tunnel vision dude will win because they aren't held to much of a standard. What a gig. Tricking youngsters and desparate people. Trump tricks the old and racists.

  20. The expected smear campaign begins.

  21. Sanders supported women for President when Warren was still a Republican.

  22. It's a division tactic please don't let it get to you…

    "THEY" have tried this over & over again. Everything that "THEY" try isn't working. It makes us STRONGER.

    Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren are NOT feuding.

  23. Everybody go to Warren's website and send her an email telling her how disgusted you are about her slanderous smear campaign against Bernie!

  24. I can't believe Elizabeth Warren said that! She's freaking lying! Bernie has been an advocate for women his entire career and even said in the 1980s that he believes a woman can become president. Warren lying about Bernie just makes her look bad and not Bernie. I was hoping that Bernie would have her as his running mate but I'm not so sure about that now.

  25. So when Warren does loses will she blame Bernie or Trump even though she as fake Indian and as no chance of winning

  26. We dont want you, Fake Pochahontas. We want Bernie ❤️…pssst I’m a woman 👩

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