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Bernie Sanders Talks Bloomberg, Party Unity Ahead Of New Hampshire Primary | NBC Nightly News

Our own Lester Holt caught up with Bernie Sanders in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the Senator from Vermont talked about his ground game and addressed Mike Bloomberg’s big shadow on Democratic race.
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Bernie Sanders Talks Bloomberg, Party Unity Ahead Of New Hampshire Primary | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Get this old lunatic the help he needs

  2. Bernie Sanders/Andrew Gillum 2020

  3. 2Q2Q VIRUS = 45,211
    view by country

  4. ….Well….if Americans want a Communist President disguised a "Socialist" ….a very active "leftist militant" since his young age…..a presidential candidate who chants those well known Red slogans like Solidarity !…Revolution !!! ….who enjoyed his honeymoon with his wife in the Soviet Union in 1988….the one who was caught live on TV during the last presidential campaign three years ago glorifying the Cuban repressive Communist regime….then Americans can vote for Sanders………Political History is telling me not to take any chance …that's why I wouldn't vote for him…..

  5. It won't make any difference, if Bernie wins all the races, he's a Card Carrying Communist/Socialist & that won't fly in America. He's a genuine FOOL & anyone that wants; him as a leader, is anti-America… Promising FREEBIES won't get him elected, the USA is $23,000,000,000,000 broke & can't provide those freebies, that Bernie & Company promise. He is lying to his followers, he wants to destroy America….

  6. They edited Sanders to remove comments about Trump…

  7. Lester is a name you associate with children fondlers. Dudes hairline is 1k miles from the front of his face. MSLSD NEWS IS TRASH.

  8. Bernie Sanders, the guy who never had a job in the private sector. Gets kicked out of a commune for being too lazy and now today he thinks he understands working people. Lmao..

  9. What's that on the distant horizon? Ohhh, it's the Trump Tidal Wave coming to wash the swamp away in November!

  10. We won't get another chance like this in a lifetime to fix the right and wrong our previous politicians have done in the past and give the American people a bit more confidence in our political system once again.

  11. bloomberg cant win this, he should have put his money in someone else. The midwest supports trump in a way people outside of it dont understand. Its common to see trump flag post in peoples front yards and he campaigns the area in a rock star fashion. He's at peak popularity right now. The only people that make sense to stop him is bernie or tusi in this area. And even then it might not work, people like bernie a lot before the 2016 dnc bernie actually was way more popular the media and the dem have pushed down time and time again their only real player who might defeat trump in this area.

  12. here we go again. free, free, free, Tax, Tax, Tax, spend

  13. Why did you cut it before he even finished the sentence?

  14. Oh come on NBC. I really wanted to hear more of Bernie speak the truth and uplift us ion a time of need. Lets wish him the best of luck for 2020 America.

  15. “. . . . Somebody who is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a religious bigot. “

    My God Leftists, that same tired script again? Cause it worked so well for you last time meh??

  16. That's Bernie's problem is his lifetime of service,living off the taxpayers for over 40-years.By the way Bernie has done pretty good under all those years under CAPITALISM

  17. I really wonder if Bernie is right,at the end of the day when the smoke clears,will the democrats unite if it's Bloomberg as the nominee against trump,my gut says NO.

  18. I may vote sanders but i want to associate to any party.

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