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Best Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair From 2018 Red Carpets

Awards season is in full swing for 2018, and yes, watching celebrities get trophies is cool and all, but, let’s be real — you’re mostly excited to see all the amazing hair looks. We don’t blame you, we are too. After all, nothing finishes off an expensive gown (or pantsuit) than some hair that makes you want to snap a screenshot. Just as rice is better with beans, an outfit is always better with some great hair to match. This awards season, we’ve spied a ton of looks for long hair we can’t wait to take to our stylists to copy. Be it cascading Old Hollywood curls, a floral-flecked pony, or a fishtail corset braid, the celeb set loves to show out and serve major inspiration when those camera lenses are flickering. So if you’ve got some length, and don’t know what to do with it, take note — these are some of the best coifs we’ve seen on the red carpet, perfect for anyone with long hair.

October 1, 2018


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