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Best of CES Awards, 2017

Best of CES Awards, 2017

It’s time! Presenting the #BestofCES2017.

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  1. honest question here why block the comment section to ever video Anita is in?

  2. Feels like a scene from Silicon Valley

  3. 2 idiots, the gayness is screaming out.

  4. Samsung and Sony shouldn't drop that new tv after losing

  5. i'm waiting for the headbanging

  6. Really bad presentation. No reason given for why the winners deserve the victory. This video is a sheer waste of time. Thank god I only watched the start.

  7. Welcome to the course: 'How to read from a autocue'. Bunch of drunk nerds.

  8. lol the best part was you having to block comments on your interview with anita scamkeesian like a bunch of cucks. she is a known scam artist with a fucking fake charity that does nothing but funnel money into her own pocket and massively violates applicable laws. you are literally paling around with a known criminal and you have to censor your own audience to avoid them calling you out on it. you are such fucking spineless cowards, its pathetic.

  9. The cringe is real. I feel like this is an award for my elementary school science show. Except for the host are drunk and don't care.

  10. did all the losers clicked on dislike 🙂

  11. This was pretty terrible.. 😀
    It would have been nice to hear some details about the winners.

  12. homeless alcoholic Kevin Bacon and gay straight-permed jesus

  13. knowing that Engadget is headed by these two makes me trust them less.

  14. These two queens are painful to watch. Who in the HELL chose to ruin an otherwise useful video with the dipshit twins?

  15. Surprised your love for Feminist Frequency wasn't the best you saw at CES.

  16. The hosts look drunk and high. So blase, so awkward, so rushed. Eish. No thank you, Engadget…

  17. I'll wait for the 1-min summary.

  18. Engadget is just a bunch of bigots who disable the comments on the video "Feminist Frequency: The gaming trends of 2016"

  19. You should explain what the winning products/companies are

  20. You should explain why a nominee wins a category…. just saying

  21. That shade in the opening introduction though loooool

  22. These guys look drunk lool. Great!!

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