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Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

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  1. Looking for a friend. To kill nazis.

  2. They did ring of fire,THEY DID RING OF FIRE

  3. Somehow I ended up her….does anyone who watch these games have any idea that demons are real? That Hell is real? That the only way you can slay them is by being a Christian, following Jesus Christ! Does anyone here know what Bethesda means? Its a pool in Jerusalem, believed to have healing powers. John 5:2–4. Now , who ever named this satanic event celebrating evil satanic games as a place to get healed sure is taking the piss out the crowd.

  4. Bethesda have destroyed themselves.

  5. Fuck Bethesda!, only DOOM i need.

  6. That crowd was like a North Korean crowd cheering everything their dictator says because they fear death if they don’t

  7. Was is the matter with that crowd?, pretty underwhelming tbh. Battle royal for Fallout 76…Not interested.

  8. I haven't seen this many negative bitches since Trump won the election.

  9. Bethesda is on some next level sh*t.. first it was sell a broken game.. we let customers fix.. and now its sell half a game and the next year we sell the second half!

  10. Everyone pointing out the crowds may be forgetting that this is the era of participation trophies. At nearly any event you'll hear tons of forced clapping to not offend anyone. Not a terrible thing, just how it is.

    Edit: Watched the whole thing again, definitely paid off.

  11. Penonton bayaran kwowkwowkwok

  12. yeah jezz, this crowds are like paid actors lmao

  13. This "Denial" state of Bethesda scares me a lot..i really want to see Todd and shake him really strong and say "Stop it!!"…

  14. this makes me sad it finaly became good with the NPC´s and then BOOM Battle Royale how could the game be worse

  15. Love how Bethesda thinks them fixing their broken ass fallout game and adding battle royal and anoyher card game is e3 worthy information

  16. i personally am very disappointed in Bethesda w/all the online only crap ~ especially in the case of the Elder Scrolls ~ & have not bought or wasted my time & $$ nor been interested in/with anything they have done since Fallout 4!!!! i am not sure @ this point that they can ever start 2 redeem themselves 2 me….

  17. Ok that Deathloop game looks sick tho

  18. No Fallout 3 Remastered…. Fml

  19. Bethesda: Introducing all new micro transactions
    Crowd: Standing Ovation

    Clap for free merch you monkeys

  20. I was hoping for some news on the next elder scrolls game but instead we got fallout battle royale and a cartoon mobile game…

  21. Bethesda: here’s some fallout 76 dlc and some generic mobile games!

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