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Beto O'Rourke Is An Absolute MYSTERY

Beto O'Rourke Is An Absolute MYSTERY

Ben Mankiewicz and Cenk Uygur discuss Beto O’Rourke’s entrance into the 2020 presidential race and what kind of leader he might be, how he can afford to lose, and how his platform is currently an utter mystery. http://tyt.com/cenk

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  1. Obama was also a big mystery.

  2. You hardly talked about Beto !!

  3. No mystery. Follow the money he and pilosi just went to mexico to be paid. Beto is not even this imposter name. HERE COMES ANOTHER OBAMA BIN LAUDEN

  4. Where is your video showing Warren's spectacular town hall the other night?!? Get your heads out of Bernie's ass and realize a WOMAN PRESIDENT is the best thing that could ever happen to this country

  5. His voting record tells you exactly who he his. A corporatist.

  6. Why is Ben still on TYT? He could make a lot more money saying those exact same things on MSNBC.

  7. Wait so you guys are using his popularity as click bait too? It totally worked because you got my click

  8. Michael Jackson was not a paedophile you ugly retard. His nephews and nieces will prove that soon. And nobody needs to prove Wade Robson is a liar with a history of trying to get hunders of million from the estate.

  9. beto is obviously NOT transparent. that is why he lost to Ted Cruz

  10. Leaving Neverland is total Bullshit

  11. Kevin Spacey was the bad guy in "7" and "The Usual Suspects"…damn Cenk. Not a movie buff I see. LOL!

  12. I'm still undecided about Beto. I almost voted for him in the senate race (did not vote – long story), but that doesn't mean that he's my no. 1 for 2020. I do like that he is managing to appeal to "moderate conservatives," and that could make all the difference. That being said, his inconsistent past is a bit concerning.

  13. The fact that Michael Jackson is dead means that he's no longer the one getting the money from his music sales, his kids are. His kids didn't do anything wrong, so there's no reason to deprive them of their royalties.

  14. Michael Jackon's accusers stories tend to fall apart under scrutiny, with their stories constantly changing depending on when they are asked about them. I'm still not fully convinced he was guilty, at least not of everything he was accused of.

  15. Is dirty diana less dirty? lol

  16. Keyser Soze – Kevin Spacey because surely she doesn't think he is actually Lex Luthor

  17. 100% correct on the "Judges".

  18. The only thing Old School about this segment is Ben's take.

  19. My ruls is this. Any new candidate starts at the bottom………….as untrustworthy as Trump. You work your way up if you have valid,confirmed , and revolutionary policy. If you speak like Beto does with every other word a mystery, you can bet your ass the fill-in-the-blanks are fraud, steal your social security, and taking away your health care, jobs/wages.

  20. Am I the only one that thinks Beto looks like a BUSH!?!?!?

  21. The real mystery is why anyone other than a politician purposely pandering to the Latinos would change their name to be more “Hispanic-sounding”. That’s how you know he’s just a lying panderer. Isn’t that right progressives? Because according to you guys, all the white American males get some sort of secret benefits and privileges due to their super-unfair status as members of some nefarious club, right? Why would anyone want to turn down of that nifty “privilege” by changing their name that way? Huh.

  22. This is an example of all the great extra content we'll get as subscribers? Two of you talking about nothing off on stoned tangents? No thanks…

  23. Caption is a click-bate! They barely talked 5 minutes on Beto.


  25. The black community have known for a long time that he was a racist. This is not a surprise.

  26. But what is NOT a mystery is the fact that he couldn't even win against TED F*CKING CRUZ! How middle of the road do you have to be to not even take a stand against ALL AR-15s?

  27. I stopped watching after little over 19 minutes. All they talked about was movies and random people. Nothing about Beto or the politics.

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