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Beyonce Surprise Albums Leaks | Hollywoodlife

Beyonce Surprise Albums Leaks | Hollywoodlife

J. Cole reacts to 6ix9ine being locked up. A mystery Beyonce album leaks overnight. Plus – rappers are speaking out against Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl.
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Christmas has come early for the Beyhive! What appears to be two full albums of unreleased Beyonce music has either leaked or been released to Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes on Dec. 20. They’re under the artist name Queen Carter and there’s no mistaking it’s Bey’s voice. They each feature 10 songs and sound so much like her early solo work, with many featuring totally radio savvy bops. At least one song “What’s It Gonna Be” — which appears on one of the new albums Back Up, Rewind — has already been released as it appeared on her 2003 self titled debut after she left Destiny’s Child. On the second album Have Your Way, there’s a song from the 2002 comedy Austin Powers: Goldmember that she co-starred in called “Hey Goldmember.” Listen to Back Up, Rewind here and Have Your Way here.

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  1. What is your favorite song on 21 Savage's new album?

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  2. Those are old songs from Beyoncé lol

  3. travis scott cannot perform.

  4. I thought cardi was gonna be on the superbowl

  5. No more beyonce trash noises please.

  6. Design a Beyonce exact look alike moder modern super boody of beyonce exact look alike for usa kingdom girls se was paradise weapon for Usa worth billions millions billions $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. I be goin sicko mode with all this news

  8. Monster is to die for on 21's new album

  9. This girl looks drunk or what?

  10. Forgettig to drop an album? lmao hshahaajsj

  11. If Travis Scott already agreed to perform, then how would it look if he backs out? It would look like other people can control what he do or don't do. Am sure he don't wanna look like no punk havin Jay-Z boss him around and that is exactly how he would look if he backs out now.>>>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzzrNOmf-xduT_1_c-Mrrw

  12. Who buy Album's. Who buy CD's. Download's only. It's Cell phone's,. Phablet's ( That's a phone and tablet together).

  13. I for one am glad that Travis is performing at the Super Bowl, people really need to get over that controversy.

  14. What kind of drugs is she on?

  15. No one told poor Travis liberals decided to politicize the super bowl because apparently we all must suffer until they get what they want.

  16. I need Rihanna unreleased music too

  17. queen carter is still available on google play music!!!!

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