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Bhad Bhabie Shades Kylie Jenner While Promoting New Makeup | Hollywoodlife

Bhad Bhabie Shades Kylie Jenner While Promoting New Makeup | Hollywoodlife

Danielle Bregoli talks about Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. Kendall Jenner says she used to cry because of her acne. Plus – Blac Chyna reportedly fought Alexis Skyy over Rob Kardashian. 
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Cash her at the bank! Danielle Bregoli, 15, aka Bhad Bhabie — who first captured the nation’s attention on Dr. Phil in 2017 — landed a $900,000 makeup deal with CopyCat Beauty! The rapper tells HollywoodLifeEXCLUSIVELY why she didn’t hesitate to sign the deal. “CopycatBeauty came with the bag and the great makeup at great prices for my fans so it was a no brainer”. Get your money girl!

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/01/16/danielle-bregoli-makeup-deal-copycat-beauty-endorsement-bhad-bhabie-900k/
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Bhad Bhabie Shades Kylie Jenner While Promoting New Makeup | Hollywoodlife


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  1. What did you think about Bhad Bhabie partnering with CopyCat Beauty?

    Also, check out our new HollywoodLife Beauty Box! Get over $100 dollars worth of products for only $50. It's the perfect gift for the Holidays! https://goo.gl/CHpr4d

  2. Doesn’t Kylie have 1 billion tho ? So it’s gonna take Danielle….. 25 years

  3. Her teeth are brighter than my future

  4. Ok I love cosmetics, makeup and I love to try new products, but her choice doing dupe versions of most rated makeups at sephora with $900,000 deal is a stupid decision without thinking or she is lying about it.
    anyway, I would be happy , if I saw her created her cosmetic brand with her own ideas.

  5. Wtf is wrong with her teeth they bright ashit

  6. I was just about to comment about her teeth and scrolled down the comments and saw that everything was about her teeth 😂

  7. She ain’t got used to her new teeth yet lol

  8. shade is when you don't say their name danielle actually did so its not shade periodt

  9. Dani makes fun of Kylie for being fake but then she goes and gets veneers…hmmm🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. She should’ve got a different shade of white for her teeth . It looks so fake . No hate I am just stating my opinion

  11. 1. Danielle's teeth looks fucking stupid. 😅
    2. She & Vicky needa cut the fake accent 😒
    3. #BARDIGANG! 💪🏽💋💗💗

  12. Am fenty beauty all day er'day, Rhianna has done justice for my skin tone 😍 😍 Riri

  13. Her teeth are too whit in a wierd way, which toothpaste is she using?

  14. She Didn't Diss Her 😑😑 She just doesn't prefer her..
    And she likes her teeth now. That's all that matters

  15. Her teeth are so much better now in this video they look really white but if you watch her live after this they are way more dull

  16. Dam she dieing for having attion

  17. danelles teeth make her look like quagmire from family guy

  18. Shes literally promoting knock off makeup…..

  19. Her saying the yhings on Kylie is a good change.

  20. Ali is preggo i think cuz why the baggy clothes.

  21. when she turns right her teeth disappear to the color of the car LMFAO bihhh

  22. Poor Girl! Attention Seeker 😂😂😂

  23. Can someone just throw that hoodrat back in the trash smh this child is so irrelevant.

  24. She says kylie wants attention um think again boo look in the mirror hun your really talking about yourself dummy ! You running your mouth about but later you say you dont have a problem with her like you really want her attention so bad…. Why is she even a thing right now go home so your mom can tuck you in and read you a bedtime story she you can fall asleep before kylie knocks your ass out … Oh wait that would be child abuse BC your a child remember that you not grown yet cupcake your a kid which is probably why you run your mouth so much to adults BC you know damn well they can't. Physically harm you like get outta here…..

  25. This girl is to young to ALREADY have fake teeth …. Like wtf

  26. kris always bribing somebody .

  27. 3:11 "they're all fake" bitch look at your teeth..

  28. And the worst thing is that she hates kylie for being """fake"""" when she is the fakest person besides malu she be like

    Tampon bitch: like kylie is so fake

    Dumb interviewer:have you ever hangout with her?

    Tampon girl:no

    Like bitch you said that while choking on your fake horse theet

  29. And her retarded fans be like "sHe cHaNgeD" THIS NUTS she needs to begone like woahvicky and lil tay period.

  30. Why you all dissing… I don't like the girl but damn … I wish I had nice teeth like that!

  31. Wow… That chick looks super old here… Maybe it's the awful sweater you're wearing. Your voice is also shrill… Just here for the gossip.

  32. danielle won’t be able to even scratch the surface of competing with a BILLION dollar company .. next ☺️!

  33. Kendel jenner looks like alissa voilet :/?

  34. her teeth bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Blac chyna cheated fuck outta here

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