Biden Attempts To Clarify Comments On If He’d Comply With Congressional Subpoena | NBC Nightly News

The former vice president had told the Des Moines Register he would not submit to a Senate subpoena. The next day, Biden told reporters he “would honor whatever the Congress in fact legitimately asked me to do.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Biden Attempts To Clarify Comments On If He’d Comply With Congressional Subpoena | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If Biden were elected he would only serve as a front man. He wouldn’t be making any decisions himself. The democrats in congress would run both branches under the guise of checks & balances. No one can take Biden seriously. It’s obvious he’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

  2. Why you should say something which needs this much clarifications. Seriously!?

  3. This Fool, Joe Biden is a disgusting criminal. Biden, like Pelosi, clinton, Warren, Bushes Sanders, Feinstein, Waters, Blumenthal, Schumer and so many more have been in power for decades. And what do we have to show for their "leadership" prior to Potus Trump? $23T in debt, high unemployment, Divided population, jobs shifted oversees, depleted military, bloated government, taxes through the ceiling, billions in unaccountable spending, financially supporting the rest of the world, either living in the USA illegally or just shipping our taxes out to other countries, and no one ever takes accountability for anything, they just blame the opposition. oh and of course all these parasites have made themselves RICH!!!
    I hope General Barr and John Durham bring some accountability and dust off Madam Guillotine we have a lot of catching up to do. MAGA KAG TRUMPENCE 2020!!! WWG1 WGA!!

  4. Creepy Joe is the biggest flip flopper the US has ever known!! He is trying to take the focus off of hiself and his son!!! Do we want this guy with the keys at 3am???

  5. Creepy Joe always back peddling!! Senile coot!

  6. Keep spinning Joe. Good luck trying to explain your previous votes for war and crime bill. So you were for it before you were against it, right?

  7. Old senile Joe is getting ready to check into hospice care and honey boy Hunter is going to prison in 2020💪🏿

  8. My dog just left a steaming pile biden on the sidewalk.

  9. Biden. Pelosi and Trump have a secret deal: Pelosi sits on the impeachment ; Biden pushes out Sanders, Trump wins in ' 20… The plan is coming together

  10. Absolutely yes. Don't ask him about anything with his son. Ask him what Trump is doing and getting away with, that no President has ever done.

  11. Biden we are onto you and the rest of ya

  12. It will be great for us to see Biden speak and test his IQ in this situation. The we can decide the election.

  13. the guys a molester get him out of our faces

  14. Hunter Biden could have been another Kennedy, his driving that is.

  15. Walked it back.

    What a moron Biden is.

  16. Pedo Joe Biden needs to be Impeached asap for crimes against America with Ukrainian oligarch help.

  17. " I woul I wa I wa I would…"

  18. "I won't comply….". "To clarify, I will comply…" What a typical politician – they all lie and can't be trusted. So, why do we continue to elect self-serving, career-minded, worthless politicians as public "servants"?

  19. Biden should testify after testimonies from Mulvaney, Barr, Pompeo, Trump and others. Surely not before as reps will renounce their testimonies. But as we know, even Reps and Trump using the 5th Amendment would claim to be guilty. Reps are claiming a fair trial, knowing that their real aim is to make a sham of the trial as agreed between Reps a long time ago. Now they go on TV playing fair and they think people with even a low IQ will believe them. The Rep strategy is clear : make a mockery of the trial in order to gain support from their base at 30%.

  20. I'm finding it difficult to believe that Joe or Hunter Biden weren't up to anything illegal when Joe is publicly refusing to comply to a Senate subpoena. You can't tell everybody that nothing illegitimate happened and then refuse to cooperate with an investigation. IMHO this type of contempt is obstruction of justice and is itself a crime, even if it turns out there wasn't any crimes committed that are being investigated.

  21. How to be absolutely sure that Trump voters show up at the polls?
    Just ask Joe.
    This guy is a moron.

  22. Biden wants to take baths with little girls.

  23. Another unforced gaffe and an unintentional reveal of the person as opposed to the masked politico. When will Creepy start slipping in the polls. When will the morons of the Democratic Party wake up?

  24. Lol. Classic political doublespeak!

  25. It's easy to see his point of view and why Biden feels his testimony is irrelevant but if he stepped forward, it would then make it mandatory that Trump testify and we all know how badly he will do because he lies about everything. Do it, Joe! Show us that you are not intimidated.

  26. Biden would prove that Trump call was legitimate, if Biden doesn’t have anything to hide he should testify,

  27. Who is on trial here ..Trump or Biden ?
    Yea that’s right, they want to change the focus .
    It’s becoming a circus.

  28. No ones above the law…. well except for us democrats.

  29. I'm glad I'm not vote for him at all

  30. Once we set the precedent that the indiviDual determines what is legitimate then the law means nothing. Our democracy is predicated on the rule of law. This is very dangerous. He is lowering himself to trump and the republicans level . He is no better than trump.

  31. Biden bullshits again. Title corrected

  32. News out Biden money laundering $156 million Burisma Ukraine… This will all lead back to the Kenyan. Obama worst POTUS American history. Pelosi worth over $100 million on a public servants salary of 200k… That's why they all hate Trump, he's turning off the Dems faucet of selling out USA 🇺🇸 to foreign nations.

  33. I want to see his IQ test cause Biden is or would be the dumbest president ever elected!

  34. Biden just promised to break the law. He should be locked up until 2021.

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