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Biggest Ice Cream Ever in Taiwan!

This is the second day of my Taipei series, we did the usual touristy things this day. Including visiting Confucius Temple, Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, and of course lots of Taiwanese food! I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for many more videos!

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  1. GKS is not founding father of TAIWAN ,he is one of ROC.

  2. What are those penis shaped items ? food ? toy?

  3. I look forward seeing you to travel Vietnam HoChiMinh. There are all kinds of noodles for you to try.

  4. Very good to see you both enjoy the food is so good to see you both again many different types of food thank you for sharing your lovely video very nice .why she put on her glasses she look better without them she is very beautiful without the glasses .

  5. once again a good video, and also your compainion is beautiful.

  6. Lol the dildo/penis things weren't expected as I was watching, couldn't help but laugh 😂

  7. I would be worried about food poisoning eating street food all the time..hehe 20 dollar umbrella cost like 5 in the us…

  8. Do you watch Lost LeBlanc?

  9. May I ask what place have you been where the people are not the nicest?

  10. Would you happen to know the name of the ice cream place? Looks pretty neat:-)

  11. Great video Luke! Love your vids!

  12. hi luke, how dose the icecream stay up so big.

  13. If you ever peruse AliBaba, try to check how much those are. Even those prices are profitable for the factory though.

  14. Got that Canadian (Maritimer? never hear it from people raised out here on the Prairies) pronunciation of "out" in evidence…NOT "oot" as USAmericans claim.

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