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Billionaire Kylie Jenner Makes Less Money Than Taylor Swift According To Forbes

Billionaire Kylie Jenner Makes Less Money Than Taylor Swift According To Forbes

Larsa Pippen reveals major tea about the Jordyn Woods Tristan Thomspon drama. Kylie Jenner reportedly isn’t the highest paid celebrity. Plus – we know if she’s trying to get pregnant again!
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The 16th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is set to premiere on E!on Mar. 31, and it turns out that even though Khloe Kardashian, 34, and Kylie Jenner, 21, know what will be featured on the series, it’s still going to be painful for them to relive it. In the intense trailer for the new season, the drama between Khloe and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 28, during his multiple cheating scandals is showcased at the center of the show, and it looks like Kylie’s former BFF Jordyn Woods, 21, who admitted to kissing Tristan at a party, will also be shown.she also knows she has a job to do with filming and fans are curious so she appreciates she can keep it real and tell the story in the right light.”

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/03/18/kylie-jenner-travis-scott-relationship-trouble-cheating-accusations-not-solved/

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Billionaire Kylie Jenner Makes Less Money Than Taylor Swift According To Forbes?


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  1. What do you think KimYe's snack drawer/closet looks like?

  2. So you all think the Kardashians just got their fame and wealth handed to them on a dinner plate then?
    They worked from the bottom all the way to the top and once kylie came of age “she” had the option weather to do something on not with her platform “she” created her own tv show “she” created kylie cosmetics “she” along with kendall came up with a fashion brand

  3. I'n sorry but I think those type of lists only work for US. Dor example there is a group called TVXQ from Korea and they gained 216 million dollars just with 6 stadiums and 20 performances. Not including album sales and other just with tour. Also so many Chinese celebrities gaining more than americans. So…

  4. How does Taylor have a lot of money she is no good anymore as she use to

  5. She's second highest paid celebrity but she can earn double triple money from her own business compare to other celebrities.. Last year she had 350 million dollars then end of the year her money go up to billion dollar..so still Kylie in everything Kylie is the highest earning celebrity. Taylor swift is the highest paid celebrity but kylie Jenner is highest top earning celebrity..You got the point or you see the difference of highest paid celebrity from Highest earning celebrity? Kylie Jenner can stand with her business compare with the other celebrities..I think mostly Americans are idiot in reporting and giving news. This channel is the most idiot channel

  6. Taylor Swift is a QUEEN👑

  7. Billionaire? You mean Pepe the frog 🐸

  8. Yasss you go Taylor Swift💜
    So happy she has a higher income than those kardashian- Jenner’s.

  9. Ehhhh, my boy Messi is in the list!!!!!

  10. We respect Taylor's hardwork! But give some respect to the KarJenner Family they are also hardworking and passionate like Taylor. Taylor's music works are incredibly awesome we can see her love for music just like KarJenner Fam we can see to them their love for fashion and beauty community. WE MUST GIVE RESPECT TO ANYONE

  11. That's because Taylor Swift is the real QUEEN


  13. I am a huge Taylor swift fan

  14. In my opinion Taylor’s music got trashy…😬

  15. Taylor is literarily a Queen ! ❤

  16. I can’t stand Taylor swift so that’s frankly annoying

  17. So what?! Im not surprised at all!!! Its obvious that tswift is more talented than kyle !!!! She has more fans!!! She is a much better in person!!! She doesn't treats her fans like shit!!!!! She doesn't need tons of surgery to look pretty!!!!! ITS OBVIOUS THAT TAYLOR EARNS MORE … I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY Y'ALL SO SHOCKED!!!!

  18. Lol 😂 the thumbnail had me rolling 😂😂

  19. WHO YAEL????🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅💯💯

  20. I read all the comments omg I should go get a life

  21. She probably makes less than jeffrey stat too

  22. I wonder who's going to be Taylor's best friend now..

  23. To be fair compared to her sisters Kylie earned her money

  24. Kylie is probably giving Travis an ULTIMATUM to get her pregnant by the end of 2018 or they're breaking up! Just a week ago she wanted to "experience with other men"…

  25. I never heard a "hard work" put on to "Kylie Jenner"

  26. @ 1:40 … That massive skull of Khloe. Her head 10x bigger than Tristan. Looks like a tranny!

  27. Larsa is nothing but an old hoe who wishes she was Kim Kardashian. Bitch so unhappy & miserable, she gotta bully & tear down a young girl to maje herself feel better.

  28. The difference is Taylor Swift is a talented, hard working, self-made woman of this decade! An inspiration for everyone who wants to succeed in life! The Kardashian? I don't really know them and not interested with their drama.

  29. Here for Taylor Swift fuck the rest 💯

  30. Kylie never really had talent anyway so Taylor wins

  31. Larsa Pippen needs to crawl back into the hole she ran out of. Can’t she find some other subject or is it because of how bad she looked letting her husband take care of her while she was boldly cheating on him with Future and ain’t no telling who else. Kourtney can’t talk straight, see straight or think straight cause if I had these so called ideas or thoughts I would have told my sister right away. Both of you are pathetic; feeling old and washed up so you got to keep beating the dead horse. Give up the ghost or maybe the old goat in you.

  32. Kylie was literally born in a milllionaire family. Now She's a billionaire. While I have to work my ass off to get a stable place. Boo hoo. I'm pretty sure Kylie dosen't care about making less 💵 than Taylor.

  33. having a business that's worth or has sold $1B doesn't mean you have a billion in your bank account. i thought people understood this.

  34. I don't understand why the thumbnail and title of this video was all about Kylie but turns out only few seconds of this video were about hers and the rest were not relatable at all.

  35. Larsa nobody cares bout the scandal no more so Strop trying to. Destroy her

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